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Scott Lomax

Controversial film festivals

Can any one give me the names of any film festivals that cater for controversial films in the UK or accept films from the UK?

Cori Lee

Sundance Film Festival

D Marcus

All international film festivals accecpt films from the UK; Cannes, Toronto, South by Southwest, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin, Edinburgh, Leeds. I don't know of any in the UK that cater specifically to controversial films.

Michael Wearing

Depends what you mean by controversial .... The Rob Knox Film Festival will consider any film. If it's well made and interesting then we may well screen it.

Scott Lomax

Awesome thanks everyone for your help.

Robert David Kelso

Bradford hasn't been mentioned yet. I'm from Leeds and like to see many new films in the festivals we have. Plus most films festivals will take controversial films as they are the ones that people seem to want to see. Hope it goes well for you.

Hayward Crawford

Most festivals I feel like keep a radar out for them in one way or another. A lot of short films based on current taboos or hot button issues/ social issues (aka a racist NBA coach or same sex marriage right issues) whether good or bad/where people stand on it, partly inspired or burrowed themes from heavily covered issues, those themes often garner attention. I would't particularly pursue that solely just for the shock value though.

Marisol Suarez

hey there i'm promoting a 1st year Film Festival happening in Texas, we are accepting all kinds of films from all over, Here is the Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/caradepanfilmfestival For more information

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