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Sonibel Rae

Salary and Budget

I always see people saying how artists shouldn't undersell themselves by working for nothing and I agree with this. But while trying to budget my web series, I factored in salaries and realised how expensive it would be to pay everyone (I didn't even get to how much I would need to pay myself before I was freaking out over the numbers). I don't have money, I'm a student, and I am looking to crowd fund my series online but I feel like if I ask for too much I won't get it? The number I started with was 15 pounds an hour but once I worked out the hours we would be shooting I saw how it wasn't really achievable. I have lowered it to seven pounds an hour but is that too little? At this rate my budget will be around 11,000 pounds. Is that too much for a web series which will have 20 episodes. Also everyone always says to just call in favours for projects like this or ask other people who are starting out if they will work for free but isn't this insulting to the effort that goes into these things?

D Marcus

So roughly £550 per episode. Seems reasonable to me. Quite low, really. £7/hr seems reasonable. Again, quite low but at least you will be paying. In some cases if you ask for too little you won't get it. People who donate understand that people should be paid for their work. Crowdfunding is crazy. If you don't have a following it's unlikely complete strangers will donate. I wish there was a general answer for you. Some people are willing to work for free. If you have favors to call in; call them in.

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