Financing / Crowdfunding : So what is the best crowdfunding platform? by G.R. Barnett

G.R. Barnett

So what is the best crowdfunding platform?

Just looking for some quick opinions here, I've heard of kickstarter, indiegogo, seed n' spark, gofundme and a myriad of others. I know kickstarter and indiegogo are quite possibly the most popular. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, what would be the best crowdfunding platform if you were going to try and go for an animated web series?

Regina Lee

As you know, Kickstarter is "all or nothing," while Indiegogo allows fixed or flex. In any case, the campaign owner must drive contributors to the campaign with social media, emails, personal networking, etc. Neither funding platform will do the marketing for you. Sure, you may wind up on their home page, but it's really up to you and your likely contributors to select a platform. Maybe more of your contributors tend to contribute to Kickstarter campaigns, and already have accounts set up.

G.R. Barnett

Oh I know not one of them does the marketing for me, I was actually going to hire someone that promoted these kinds of campaigns to do that for me, because it seems I travel in the wrong circles to actually have any success promoting it among my friends. (Sad, but true.) I just wondered which platform had offered you guys the most luck. (I already have an account set up on indiegogo.)

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