Introduce Yourself : Author, screenwriter, future filmmaker... by Diana Murdock

Diana Murdock

Author, screenwriter, future filmmaker...

Hey everyone! I'm in the process of adapting my novel, Souled, into a screenplay. It's been a fun and enlightening journey - so different than novel writing - and am really enjoying it. I'm interested in learning the ins and outs of filmmaking. To transform words on a page to visuals across a screen must be intoxicating, and I'm eager to indulge.

Diana Murdock

Thanks, Emily!

Leontist Fizer

Welcome, Diana:)

Diana Murdock

Thank you!

Art Thomas

Hello Diana: just remember it is a marathon and not a sprint and you'll do fine.

Pierre Langenegger

Hi Diana. Welcome to Stage 32 and good luck with your adaptation.

Diana Murdock

Thank you, Art. That realization hit me like a 2x4 just recently, so I've settled into that knowing. I've got the next few decades to watch the unfolding.

Diana Murdock

Thank you, Pierre! I'm very optimistic about this.

Neva J Howell

Diana, I'm just getting my feet wet with editing and being on the other side of the camera myself. There's a whole other world on that side. Sounds like you have a vision for what you want the experience to be "transform words on a page of visuals across a screen" so I'm betting the intoxication will follow!

Diana Murdock

I'm excited for you as well, Neva. To allow ourselves to let our creativity and vision flow... that is the ultimate high :)

Deborah Weed

Congrats, Diana. Looking forward to the journey... for all of us!

Diana Murdock

I will definitely post my progress. Thank you for your support!

Devon Volkel

You are doing what I hope to do with my novel one day! Good luck to you! Please keep us posted on your journey! =)

Maggie Grant

It is Diana you can be so economic with film show me don't tell me are words to live by when making a film. Enjoy!

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