Introduce Yourself : Karen Samuelson, screenwriter by Karen Lucille Samuelson

Karen Lucille Samuelson

Karen Samuelson, screenwriter

I'm fairly new to Stage 32 and just finished a screenplay, a drama and am looking to find appropriate production companies to approach. Main characters are Latino. Protagonist a young girl. Script has a lot of interweaving themes, but main one is the search for home. Logline: With a mother in jail and a missing grandmother, a young Dominican girl uses faith and spunk to escape the state system and seek sanctuary, forever changing the life of a young monk. Any thoughts or ideas in moving forward would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks, Karen

Tracey Cuesta

Hi Karen this sounds super exciting I'd like to know more and see if we might consider this for TLC Productions we are Poderosa Pictures, Pictures that Empower! Warm hugs!! - Tracey

Karen Lucille Samuelson

Hi Tracey, Thanks for your email and interest in the script. Would you like to read the synopsis or talk on the phone? I'd love to explore the production idea more with you! Thanks again and I hope to connect soon. Hope you are having a great weekend! Karen Samuelson

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