Introduce Yourself : Larry Kostroff, Line Producer, Production Executive, Consultant, Instructor, Writer. by Larry Kostroff

Larry Kostroff

Larry Kostroff, Line Producer, Production Executive, Consultant, Instructor, Writer.

Dear Everybody, I need help. Here's the skinny: After extensive experience in the production of motion pictures, and on a parallel track as an instructor of the subject at various prestigious schools in Hollywood and abroad, I now need an outlet for my knowledge to keep it from ricocheting around in my brain. Originally from California, currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona;--no, I'm not running from the law. However, being somewhat long in the tooth, I'm deemed unemployable even though I give good meetings. But look, I'm merely the old asshole now that I once avoided when I was a player. So I'm prepared to offer an overview of the complete production process, pro bono. That's the good news; the bad news is it has to be in Scottsdale/Phoenix. I refuse to engage in online education. Finally,as a means of keeping my sanity, I've been writing. Screenplays, both feature length and short, as well as short fiction pieces. Several of the latter have been published in literary magazines. Nevertheless, ironically, I'm illiterate (lazy?) when it comes to going public. Social media like, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc., are all an anathema to me. So if there is a caregiver out there, or someone working on their karma, please get in touch. Aside from my "thank you's" I could repay the kindness with free consultation on writing--a subject I've taught with success. And that's the story. Thanks.

Tonya June Moore

I can help... would be happy to do so (social media is my back up plan :-))... and I have someone who could really benefit from your knowledge! lets collaborate!

Jennifer Abernethy

Wonderful book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Social Media is a great primer. I can help you as well!

Carlo Irwin

Good morning, Larry. I too am a long in the tooth guy(78) in your same category. I salute you and completely understand your situation. Never give up; I almost did and fell into a four film slate in development. (One of the scripts is mine). We have been promised our funding by two different groups. Course, you and I both know it's all BS till the money is in the bank and available. I would like to talk more with you at your convenience. Perhaps on one of the projects I might need someone with your experience. Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually know everything. I have a page on and my phone is 650-871-7007. Have a great day. Carlo Irwin

Jon Freda

Good stuff Larry...too bad I'm in New York...if you come out this way perhaps we can meet.

Sherry Locher

Hi Larry - thanks for the smile and you're still a player, just playing now by your rules - congrats and hope to run into you along the way, you have much to share. All best, Sherry

Joseph E. "Duke" Miller

Hi Larry - Thanks for the update. Since you are now, as Sherry so ably puts it, "Playing by your own rules," you might think about going the independent route. Good luck!

Rome Jordon

I would like to work with an old dog like yourself!

Alisa Simonel-Keegan & Jim Keegan

We would love to work with you!

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