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Mike Altieri

Pilot season

What are your thoughts behind year round casting vs pilot season? I have been told that casting has become year round more now since cable distributors have grown and become plentiful. Apparently, the networks are still keeping "pilot season" from Jan thru March however, is the ratio of television guest star roles the same year round? Please feel free to put your experiences here- thx

Shawn Speake

Hey, Mike! Welcome to our family! It's great to have you with us. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to answer your question! Have you tried this post in other lounges?

Mike Altieri

I was merely trying to complete my profile to 100% by posting in the introduce yourself forum

Regina Lee

I think you're asking if it's possible to book a guest star role outside of pilot season. Yes, it is. As you know, Episode 5, 8, 21, etc. might need a new character to appear in the series, who was not introduced in the pilot. Therefore, that part will be cast outside of pilot season. As for the "ratio," I don't know the statistics of how many parts are cast within pilot season vs how many parts are cast outside of pilot season.

Regina Lee

@Mike, if you're in need of statistics, you should Google/call SAG, and ask for their studies and annual reports, some of which are released to the public.

Regina Lee Or maybe suggest they conduct a study on casting within and outside of pilot season. SAG exists to help its members, and they may see a lot of merit in that study.

Tina Goldsack

Pilot season is great! I had fun watching a new BBC show Humans! I am a sci fy gal

William Joseph Hill

I don't worry about "Pilot Season" vs. "year round" -- I would go mad trying to figure things out. Best bet is to do what I do and be prepared at all times. Not waiting by the phone (or email), of course, but being ready to audition in case of a call from your agent. Of course, the best way to get an audition is to book your vacation -- that's always when the phone rings! (or you get a c-mail)

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