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Ian D.r.w. Evans


-- Hi all - hope all is good & wonderful in your neck of woods & are adapting positive changes despite this somewhat overblown pandemic we are faced with. Prayers to all that have been affected & much indebtedness and gratitude to the healthcare professionals working to save; restore life.

I have been away from Stage 32 for a few years - Lots of changes going on!! Rob and his highly skilled team have been busy!! Kudos!! Looks great and glad to be back!

Evanizer is alive and kicking!! I was given this nickname by some of my closest friends and crew back in the early 90's? in reference to the battery company at the time that used a toy bunny in their advertising spots known as the 'Energizer' bunny - I am sure you have all seen at some point in time. This bunny might slow down and stop, but this bunny is powered by energizer batteries that last longer and never quit. Anyhow, they call me the Evanizer - If you had ever had the pleasure or patience to work with me, it would be readily apparent in my humble & honest opinion. I like to think we are all friends and connected by however many degrees of separation - Therefore you can call me Evanizer, just like my closest friends have for many years.

Not sure where my old profile has gone or went to?? Oh well - starting from scratch I guess The landscape of film and TV/Web/VOD production has certainly been altered and into what I believe is short transitory period of time of uncertainty.

I believe that this stagnation will expand and morph towards a new age of enlightenment & interdependence beyond what we can possibly imagine - perhaps?, maybe, just maybe - the film & multimedia broadcast paradox will transform into an amazing all inclusive industry that wull shift from greed and avarice & into something along the lines of ars gratia artis & audentes Fortuna iuvat? The future is not written - yet I am overwhelmed by the expectations of an abundance of new ideas, talent and craft in the very near future!!

Rohit Kumar

I do wish what you say happens. But I think greed never ends, it has always been the spearheading many countries since ages and what we are seeing now is one form of power shifting and reshaping too. Like even I'm looking for producers, but now it's hard to know and limit where the greed is. But overall I agree there will be a complete change in the way system across works

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