Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter by Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino


Hello everyone, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. I am an aspiring screenwriter, and although I've found traction with many of my features at reputable companies, nothing's ultimately come through.

However, I do have plenty of short scripts to go around if anyone's interested. They're on my logline page, and written for budget; inspired by "The Twilight Zone" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", two of my favorite artists and inspirations. Few locations, few effects (if any).

If you're a fellow screenwriter, I should mention that I'm also on Scriptrevolution; you should absolutely join! It's a great place to display your material for free. And if you need to get your work out there, try the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. It's a resource I wish I'd known about early on.

In any case, I'd be happy to collaborate with anyone else. Welcome to Stage32, everyone!

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