Post-Production : Editing: Concepts for retaining a long action take with no inserts? by Ramsey Stoneburner

Ramsey Stoneburner

Editing: Concepts for retaining a long action take with no inserts?

I have a short film I am working on editing. This was initially cut to be a very short (60 sec) contest and much of the actor's phenom acting was cut out to fit into the time specs. I now have the ability to edit a longer "extended version" and can use the majority of the length of each clip. The problem is there were never any major inserts or reaction shots taken. One clip in particular is where the actor basically paces around the room, with occasional outbursts. The outbursts are what I'd like to keep, but without something to cut away to, if I cut everything out it's very jumpy and jerky. That's how the short 60-second piece was edited, and it WORKED, but I would like to avoide that this time around, if possible. What is everyone's thought on the "fast-forward" effect for a long scene like that, where the "slow" parts are sped up? Any other concepts or ideas for retaining this long action shot without anything to visually break up the scene? Thanks!

Andrea Pérez Gutiérrez

Try something like a speed blur effect while he's walking...or double images...

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

It might be helpful to ask questions such as 'Why am I doing the longer film?', 'What do I want the viewer to think, feel, take away?', 'Is there any statement, theme, or message for the longer version?' If you have an answer to any of these, it might lead you to some particular ideas about how to handle the material which you want to integrate into the longer film.

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