Post-Production : Question for Directors scoring process... by Mark Saltman

Mark Saltman

Question for Directors scoring process...

Directors- how do you like your composer to communicate with you? I've worked both successfully and unsuccessfully and am really trying to get an overall feel for how people like to work- for example- do you like talking concepts, feel-tone etc. specific musical examples, everything but music? do you like hearing something at every stage- or anything else I haven't thought of ...

Mark Saltman

Thank you Coreetta! I'm totally jealous, that is really awesome! I've worked with a few directors quite seemlessly; where I've run into an issue is when there is a communication glitch- either Im not asking the right questions or just not getting the right information- so just wanted to see if there are any particular language things that make it easy to go back and forth.

Brian Black

Coreetta - Most music supervisors are not composers and vice versa. If a composer is a music supervisor for a project, that's mostly because the filmmaker(s) the composer is working for is too cheap to hire a music supervisor. Based on Mark's post, his query is about composers.

Mark Saltman

Thanks Alle!

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