Ubuntu as main OS for video editing?

Hi guys, what do you think about Ubuntu as main video editing OS? I know that Mac and Win are most commonly used in real world, but is here anybody who is editing on Linux? In past this wasn't good idea, because of availability of pro editing software, but today we have Davinci Resolve on linux, Fusion.. I never worked with Lightworks, but it looks also pretty good.. But what could replace protools/audition and photoshop? Gimp is I think more focused on web design and it' missing some advanced features included in photoshop... or? I don't know, I'm not a pro in Gimp.

JD Hartman

You answered your own question. If Mac and Win are the two main OS in the world, who are you going to turn to for support when the application has an issue? What do perceive as the primary advantage?

Jakub Micuch

no no, i'm just interested, if anybody here is using linux for professional post-production.

Cherelynn Baker

Used Ubuntu once and it kept crashing... stopped using

Jakub Micuch

Yes, i tried it two weeks ago. But it goes with several bugs and crashes. Not good for real work. :)

Renaldo Creative

I like editing on Linux with Kdenlive.

Ian James Duncan

Jakub we have a few machines running CentOS. Obviously with it being free and Resolve being a single license cost we would stand to save a greet deal of money in the long term not paying for creative suite. Also fusion for compositing.

You really have to understand linux well and be comfortable in the terminal I feel. I personally use Centos on my day to day machine that, but I find myself having to switch back to windows often.

I don't think that Resolve is mature enough yet on the Linux platform and there are some restrictions in that you have to have a Blackmagic card to output sound. Also forget pro res on Linux.

We have been a windows shop for a while and I think we will be for a while longer. We deal in DNX or sequences and convert to prores if the client needs it. For us its better to use DNX or cineform as they are smart rendering codecs and it can save a lot of time.

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