Producing : When the fear sets in by Abdur Mohammed

Abdur Mohammed

When the fear sets in

Hello all.

After years of toil, a broken neck in the military, and a long road of education - especially from Stage32, I took the plunge and devoted development funds towards a low-budget sci-fi project; this to serve as an introduction to a much larger Universe and property -

Well, the closer I come to completion of this phase and getting ready to find me a Line producer and thereafter a Casting director, and (on my knees praying for) a proper director...I seem to have developed a growing fear and hesitance to continue - has this ever happened to anyone else?

I wake up in the morning and tell myself I'm making a mistake - this is not my world. Anyway, I think the fear is setting in, and I'm inching towards a precipice. Take care everyone.

BTW - does anyone use crowdfunding for development funds?

Sam Sokolow

Hi Abdur - I’ve been developing and trying to get projects off the ground for over 20 years and everything you’re feeling is normal and totally OK. But taking the leap is part of the process we all go through with our projects. Treat yourself with love and know that you are not alone in what your feeling. That said, you’ve begun the journey so continuing the journey is also OK. No matter what happens, you’re going to learn a lot and that knowledge will help guide you forward on this or any other creative endeavors. I am a believer that you never lose, you learn. I hope that’s helpful in some way. You’ve already taken a great step by sharing with the supportive community that is Stage 32.

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