Your Stage : The Adventures of Suzey Mac by Abraham Becker

Abraham Becker

The Adventures of Suzey Mac

Hi Stage 32!

As the Father of a 6 year old boy, I'm seeing so many kids shows with so little substance, mostly just fighting and special powers with not-so-discreet product placement, and I believe there is an opportunity to tell more meaningful stories.

Some of the topics I'm aiming for are:

- telling the truth / accountability

- tolerance of differences between opinions

- acceptance of our emotions

- forgiveness

- finding peace

That's why I created "The Adventures of Suzey Mac". Suzey, her brother Robbie, and their pet Capybara and pet hedgehog will get into some amazing and fantastic adventures that are both heartfelt and nourishing.

You can help make this series a reality by signing up for access to pre-release drawings, signed prints, and even make an appearance in a show!

Other topics in Your Stage:

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