On Writing : 5 Tips on writing a best seller part 2 by Slavica Bogdanov

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Slavica Bogdanov

5 Tips on writing a best seller part 2

Hello For some reason the end of my article was cut in the previous post. So here is the rest 5- You need a truck load of confidence I believe persistence beats resistance because when you persevere, you outlive any resistance. But, in order to persevere, you need to be armed with a huge load of self confidence, and mega positive attitude. When I wrote my first book (a quasi autobiography :-) ) I received 400 "no"s from agents. I was a newbie and didn't know much about anything then. Nowadays, "yes"es are coming from right and left because I made sure I am a best selling author. Even if you don't think it, you are in sales. Your job is to sell, sell, sell... your book or idea. And people smell confidence. We instinctively can tell who has it and who doesn't and confidence will outsell non confidence ever single time even if the better product is sold by someone who lacks confidence. Remember, people buy with their guts not their intellect. I will shortly write a post on selling to help you understand this concept better. I hope this helps. If it does (or doesn't) please comment and share.

Jean Buschmann

Extremely important point! Thanks for sharing. "Whether we think we can, or can't, we're absoulutely right!" - To pharaphrase Dale Carnegie, I believe. There's a balance though. For me at least, desired results come with "letting go" and trusting that things that are meant to work out will. Of course that is also called "faith" aka "confidence" - because it frees us from anxeity that often works against our goals.

Dan MaxXx

You do have "IT." Happy writing

Slavica Bogdanov

Thank you Dan :-)

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