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Black screen - middle of script

Hi all, Following the preceding scene, I would like the screen to go to black so that the text "three years later" appears in the middle of the screen. Following that, i would like to jump into the next scene. I'm not quite sure how to write this: INT. SCENE BEFORE BLACK SCREEN xxxxxxxx FADE TO BLACK. SUPER: Three years later INT. SCENE AFTER BLACK SCREEN xxxxxxxxxx Any ideas? Thanks :)

Linda Haward

I think that works but I might add BLACK SCREEN. I'd approach it like this:-- FADE TO BLACK. BLACK SCREEN SUPER: 'Three years later'. FADE BACK TO: Hope that helps in some way.


Thanks, Linda. I think "fade back to" was the missing jigsaw piece. Cheers

Jody Ellis

I don't know that I would specify a black screen because that seems more like a directors move. I would just write super: three years later And leave it at that. The black screen comment is not necessary to your story.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Or simply SUPER OVER BLACK: "Three Years Later."

Dan Guardino

You would FADE TO BLACK in the transition and SUPER: THREE YEARS LATER. However, if this is a spec screenplay leave it up to the Director how they want three years to appear on film. A screenwriter is only responsible for telling their story and it appears on film is the Director's who should decide how it will appear on film.


thanks, all!

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