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Screenwriting : Finding Agents and Managers by Becca-Chris M

Becca-Chris M

Finding Agents and Managers

How do you go about finding an agent or manager to represent you when they say you need to be represented in order to contact them to begin with?

Amanda Toney

Hey Becca, the Happy Writers is actually a great resource to get in front of executives. With online pitching, you actually pitch your script to them and have the possibility of your work being requested. If you take a class, you work directly with an executive for 4 weeks. I suggest you check it out :)

Shankar Pandalai

Shannon, may I know which class helps one to work with executives for four weeks?

Dash Riprock

What Ron M said. Start with managers first. Find out which managers represent writers with scripts similar to yours, then email query those managers with a GREAT logline for your script. That starts the ball rolling.

Michael L. Burris

Get a manager first sounds right to me. Happy writers has a resource.

Becca-Chris M

@ Shannon. Thanks! I will have to look into that. @ Dan. We have actually gotten responses like "we only accept from those with representation" when contacting agents/managers. That's why I asked. :)

Becca-Chris M

@ Ron. Since it sounds like you have experience in the industry. what would you recommend to writers who have yet to break in? Since you say representation is less important than some writers think. We have also tried going directly to production companies.

Becca-Chris M

@ Tom. Thanks for the input! @ Michael. Thanks!

Cynthia Garbutt

Last Saturday I had a Masterclass with famous UK comedy writer, Laurence Marks. He said that he and his partner didn't have an agent until after they were working and invited to come to LA to write episodes of Cheers. That's over 25 years ago - guess nothing has changed. One thing though the agent, fixed them up real nice.

Becca-Chris M

@ Ron. Thank you for the encouraging words and insight. @ Alle. From everything I have read, a literary manager gives notes and feedback on works written, and help with things like deal negotiation, receiving like 10% of any sales.

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