Screenwriting : Flashback within a flashback? by Brian O'Connor

Brian O'Connor

Flashback within a flashback?

Has anyone written a flashback within a flashback? If so, how did you format it? Thanks in advance!!

Jabari Sandy

Nope, but if I wanted to write one tomorrow I would just do. FLASH BACK TO: five years ago, Tai now 15 walks through his apartment, his Digimon cards all over the table. One in particular catches his eye, Tai picks up the Agumon card carefully and gazes at it deeply. FLASH BACK TO: Tai now aged 7, sits alone on the swing set, he grips the Agumon card tightly. In theory you could just write infinite flash back headings til you finally say back to present, until then it's just going further and further back. If the characters age is not changing drastically or it's going to a new character, I think it then needs something that links the secondary flash back to the first flash back and the present, a revalant trigger to avoid the audience getting confused, because of course they don't get the flash back heading ;p

Beth Fox Heisinger

Brian, perhaps seek out shooting scripts from films that best match what you are trying to achieve. "Inception" may be a script you should take a look at:

Brian O'Connor

Jabari, interesting idea, thank you.

Brian O'Connor

Beth, thank you. I thought about looking at Memento but it's been a while since I read it (plus it kind of made my head spin), I will check out Inception. I appreciate it!

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