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Horror film

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for writing a horror film. I already know to have an actual plot, and not just something that pops up on the screen. Also how to get the audience feel a certain way about a character, or the situation. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Alex Moreno

C Write out an outline followingGSU- GOALS- What is the goal of your main character? STAKES What would happen if they fail to achieve it? URGENCY- Put in a metophorical ticking bomb (ie they only have a few hours to save themselves etc.) Good luck.

J A Wadsworth

someone reads Carson Reeves

Philip Sedgwick

Hi Connor, Establish really clear rules of the game: What can kill the monster/vampire? Can ghosts lift objects? What happens if a person walks into a ghost? Create a clear track as to how the characters figure this out. When things happen, show how the character reacts, but more, show how it changes them at their core (not necessarily at that moment). Decide what superiority you have in the script: Does the audience know things the characters don't (ala Hitchcock).

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