Filmmaking / Directing : How to use real news clippings in my short film (not a documentary)? by Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

How to use real news clippings in my short film (not a documentary)?

I want to cut together a montage of real news clips from national news sources. How do I go about getting high quality clips. And is there any issue with copyright usage? What are my redtape lines? How do i cite/credit it properly?

Sammer Abu AlRagheb

Tough one. Make time for a news (photographer/journalist) Attend their ventures under their consent and observe everything. Once you have materials, ask them if you can use them under their consent and credit. Then ask the news station about your project and get their consent. Then have a go. Good luck.

Beth Fox Heisinger

I would assume you need written permission to use clips from a national news source, and perhaps you may also need to list sources within the end credits. It would be best to confirm with either a copyright or entertainment lawyer. Know exactly what you can and can not do and how to go about getting permission. ;) Best to you!

David Taylor

You are the screenwriter - not your job. Look at a few, then get the idea, then script the idea, others then do the other business

Dan Guardino

David is right if you aren't producing it.

Stevie T

You might want to try checking stock footage libraries like as well as a host of others out there. It will cost some money but all of your rights issues will be non-issues. Plus they have searchable databases to help you find exactly what you need.

Regina Lee

Stevie T has it right. Google "license news footage" and CNN's licensing site is the 1st search result that will pop up. Pay and go!

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