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Vasco Saraiva

Juggling between scripts

Hello, So I'm just finishing the very last polishing of a script for a short film and I am struggling with those last embellishments. So I go and work on another script, but when I do that there is like a sense of " I should be finishing the other one" I am used to work on multiple projects and this never happened to me. Any opinions ? Suggestions? Similar stories to share?

Cherie Grant

I work on multiple projects to help with boredom of concentrating no one thing for too long, but also to help if I become stuck on something then I just move on and keep writing. Well that's the theory anyway. Nothing wrong with a good theory mind. Just do what you do. No one can tell you what to do.

Mark Vincent Kelly

Everyone has multiple ideas in their minds at the same time. What you do with them is up to you. I write index cards so there is more free space for my imagination to play without worrying about forgetting something. Whichever project I'm sitting down to work on, those are the cards I pull to the top of the pile

Frederic Lecamus

It's up to you to decide how you articulate your rewrites and polishes, but most of time it requires some time off. What you do in that time off is very subjective, and maybe for you it's writing about another idea. The thing is, you can't exactly put pressure on yourself about finishing a script since it's to be honest never finished. Finished means either you're shelving it forever or someone just bought it from you and it enters development. This is where you accept that it's gone as far as you could, but anything before that is open to rewrites. And since we all evolve with time, it's highly likely that we'll always change something in a "finished" script... So, my advice is: take time off, do what you want in between as long as you've finished the barf draft. Then come back and rewrite. Personally I've just finished the rewrite of an outline that I had left alone for a year... And I really had a fresh outlook on the story.

David Taylor

You say you think it unfinished. Put it down? Pick it up? My advice? Try to ignore it. Then if it barks at you - you know the answer.

David Levy

If I struggle on something I put it down and go work on something else. I let my subconscious work on the problem as I'm writing or getting down info on another project that Is at the forefront of my mind. I usually get my "oh shit!" epiphany and go back to the original prohect with the roadblock cleared. Everyone has their process, you just need to figure yours out. It doesn't hurt to write or work on something else for a bit when you know you want to go back to the other script to finish. Work the problem, don't let it work you.

Vasco Saraiva

Thanks guys for all the advica

Vasco Saraiva
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