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Andreia Areal


Hi, I'm new as a Scriptwriter and I have been wondering if there is any advantage in getting a manager? I have heard of managers for actors but I never thought it would be relevant for a screenwriter. Is a manager really relevant? What is the main advantage? How can I trust this person will have my best interests in mind when representing me and is not just a scam artist?

Chester Davis

A few thoughts. There is a guide to literary agents and managers just for screenwriters. I would say that anyone listed is likely to be trustworthy. Look at management firms that read scripts from major contests like Page and Big Break. They are almost certain to represent legitimate companies. (Of course all this advice is only useful if you have at least one professional quality screenplay done, two is better, and a few great movie concepts to pitch.) NEVER pay anyone for services related to talent management, like reading a script. A real manager performs those sorts of services for a percentage of what you ultimately earn as a writer. You should, however, have professional readers give feedback on a script and make the needed changes before ever contacting a manager. Some agents only take new clients by referral from other industry professionals, so aside from help with developing your writing, a manager might help you get a great agent.

Regina Lee

Please google John August's blog with Justin Marks about managers.

Andreia Areal

Thank you. You gave me really good insight!

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