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Ni Foss


Hi writers' I'm having a PDF problem with my Final Draft! It will NOT create PDF's of which I'd like to send to the actors. Please please, if anyone could help me I' really appreciate it - I couldn't even send you the script in FDR and you can send me back the script in a PDF many thanks foss

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Hi Ni, Is this maybe something that might be useful to you? it's an online PDF creator

Pierre Langenegger

I'd be happy to generate one for you. accept my connection and we'll swap emails.

Craig D Griffiths

I may be a heretic by suggesting this. But it may be worth having a Celtx account. Web based, free and can open FD files. Never had a problem outputting PDFs in Celtx. Like I said, might be good as a fall back strategy. Celtx is not for everyone.

Ruben Diaz

I haven't used FD in a long time but if you can export to Word then do that and then save as a PDF. Celtx is a good free alternative and Scrivener is the best writing (all forms of writing) software I've ever used, it's only $45, and will import/export FD files as well as PDFs.

Dan Guardino

I never had trouble saving a PDF in FD. Are you clicking on FILE tab and then clicking on the SAVE AS PDF tab? If that doesn't work you might try clicking clicking on the FILE tab and then the Under EXPORT tab and chose SAVE AS TYPE in the drop down menu. If that doesn't work you will have to reload your software or call FD.

David Levy

I'd second what Dan G. mentioned. I have not had issues in FD regarding PDF transfer. If you have a registed copy, contact tech support.

Aray Brown

It's a pain but there's an easy fix, run FD as administrator then try it again

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Are you sure your "pdf printer" is installed correctly as well? (not an actual printer but a pdf exporter should be clickable in your "printer" tab; if not that could create issues as well Those are usually pre installed in the newer computers, however older pc's/laptops/... can sometimes miss a pdf processor

Brittany Kg Crawley

If it wont save as a pdf print as a pdf and you can save it to your computer.

Ni Foss

You're all super helpful ... the problem is solved please all keep in contact - will friend you all!

Erik Grossman

You can use Primo PDF. Free program that acts as a "printer". It spits out any file or webpage in PDF. I use it despite FD's feature because I like it better.

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