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Screenwriting : Producers Protocol? by Ingrid Goldberg

Ingrid Goldberg

Producers Protocol?

What is the Protocol for when a producer asks you to send them your work? I have had so many requests and then I wait and wait and wait. I then check with them and they nearly always say "I'm busy...but I'll get to it". More waiting....sometimes up to 6 or 7 months. Should they not have a little respect and courtesy to send a NO. I'd rather know than a question mark for forever. Are they really so busy that they can't e-mail one single word? Have any other of you experienced this? Can I beg at least for a response?

D Marcus

All people should show a little respect. Few do. And producers are people, too. Yes this has happened to me. I'll bet that this has happened to all writers. I, too, would rather hear "no" than nothing. If a producer gets a script they love they can't respond fast enough. The harsh reality is if we don't hear back it means "no". But very often it's true that a producer is busy and they just haven't found the time to get to your script.

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