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Alexander Clark

Small Script

Not sure if I should post this here, but I am looking for a simple small script to practice shooting. Doesn't matter the genre, but I would like to work with multiple people to see what I can visually come up with with the resources that I have. Something for Vimeo and YouTube, but of course with your permission. I want to see what my limits really are so I can improve on them. I have some of my videos on my profile with different projects and working on a feature for this winter, but in between I'd like to keep busy. Anyone willing to help out I'd greatly appreciate it. Doesn't have to be perfect just something to mess around with.

Stephen Czick

Hi Alex, are you looking more for shorts/sketches or something feature-length?

Guillermo Ramon

Alex, I have a couple of short scripts on Inktip and the ISA ( That is a place where you can find many short scripts. However, if you want to see your limits, try going to a theater company and videotape their rehearsals. You will have the actors and the script right there.

Alexander Clark

Stephen, something short, I don't want to jump into feature length just yet. Guillermo, as far as seeing my limits I want to be hands on and build from my visual creativity and see where I can improve which I can only do by doing my own thing rather than watching. I want to build on my own style and learn from my mistakes before stepping onto the big stage and doing a feature of my own or working on any major feature. I will definitely look into the site you gave thank you very much for that

Aray Brown

@Alex, I'm writing a short. It's in the beginning stages but i can give you the hook

Alexander Clark

that'd be awesome :)

Bo. R. R. Tolkien

actually you don't need a script, just a location and a scenario and use angles that are not common, like aerial shots, zoom, below the knee caps crawling, all done with tact and taste. the scenario is unscripted and can go on for as long as you like, change the scenery, and a plot out of the blue, move the camera artfully like martial arts, crane it, caress it, make the viewer feel like its done by a professional wizard. you don't even need much dialogue, just run of the mill how you doing partner, then give it a cliff hanger ending. you see what I'm saying: you don't need nothing but your camera and your imagination, failure is not an end, it is a guide.

Alexander Clark

I like what you said there. good idea too

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