Screenwriting : Who Here is Writing a TV Pilot Comedy? by Sy Shanti

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Sy Shanti

Who Here is Writing a TV Pilot Comedy?

Me too! Anyone interested in swapping notes, jokes, feedback and generally someone to bounce ideas off of at all crazy hours of the night and multiple times through out the day, let me know. -Sy

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I am. It's called "No Bones about it"

Jeffrey Walesa

I'm game! Got an idea I'm developing right now.

Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson


Doug Nelson

Hi Sy – I’m working on a pilot for a half hour tongue-in-cheek comedic fantasy that I’m going to try producing locally (Oregon) if I ever find stable/dedicated cast & crew. It’s another one of those search the woods for mythical creatures but not Sasquatch or monsters. A small cable network is interested.

Jeffrey Walesa

Meeting with my writing partner later and continuing our progress. Tentative title is "Grumpy Old Men" and based on our real life experiences vs today's values.

Dawn Murrell

I am!!! I would love some thoughts about it because I am currently pitching my TV comedy pilot People Incorporated, right now! Wanna trade? :)

Sy Shanti

Hey Dawn, yes I would love to trade. : )

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