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Michael Dragnea

Space Station Set Design/Construction

Hey all, i'm hoping that i've posted this in the right venue. I'm a Producer out of Toronto looking at starting up a Sci-fi genre feature film revolving around a space station falling apart. I'm experienced in Sci-fi genre, action, thriller and dark comedy, but this one brings on the challenge of a more complicated set design and construction, and i was hoping someone out there could either point me in the right direction or lend me their thoughts from experience behind: 1) The logistics behind the actual construction component, assuming the build is in a secured sound stage... 2) Resources and vendors that may offer services/materials useful to this type of set construction, and 3) any experiences of your own or potentially sets available for sale that i can repurpose for my uses. Dont worry, i plan to bring on a qualified set designer, but in my previous life i was an Architect, so half out of curiosity i want to understand more clearly how these types of sets are built, and as a producer, i want to be prepared with at least the basic knowledge revolving around this type of specialized design and construction. Your thoughts are all very welcome. Michael

Marla J. Hayes

I would strongly suggest you contact Adrian Havens either here or on Facebook. He is developing a sci-fi series and has extensive knowledge of the subject & genre. I am one of his staff writers, so please use my name when you contact him. Regards - Marla

Michael Dragnea

Thank you for the suggestion Marla, i'll reach out to Adrian and see what we come up with.

Pat McCord

Forget sets! If you're an architect, can you design my next home? I'm a former Boeing writer and space junkie.

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