Post-Production : Sound(?) by Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton


How do you suggest best capturing sound outdoors? (Blocking out wind is a nightmare!)

Ken Koh

You need a 'deadcat', it's a fluffy fur coat for your mic.

Ken Koh

I run and teach filmmaking workshops at Columbia Studios, Hollywood and sometimes New York City. It's all non profit and free, but limited to 10. If you're in the area and would like to apply, let me know.

Doug Mitchell

Are you recording ambiences in stereo or location dialogue or both? Depending on your microphone selection there are wind noise solutions with zeppelin and furbies like the above mentioned Rycote. Also check out Glen Trew in Nashville - He has a wide variety of location sound recording options available. All the best to you!

Farrell Winter

As others have said, a good mic with a windscreen. Some people left directions for making your own windscreen, altho sound will not "bounce it is way" thru anything (Alle Segretti comment). For lapel mics, re-record all the dialog.

Michael Borlace

i will talk about using boom mics outside as they will work better than trying to use lav mics. You will be "dressing" the mic in layers. First, put the mic inside a plastic housing called a Zeppelin. This works if there is little or no wind at all. Usually you will add a second layer called a windjammer which looks like a wet dog as it has a lot of long fibers hanging off it. If it gets really windy, you can add a high wind cover between the zeppelin and the windjammer which is made of felt. If all this is not enough, you are probably shooting in a hurricane and you won't hear dialogue anyway. When dressed properly, In windy situations, you will hear it on the mic, but it will be pleasing acoustic wind noises and not electronic distortion because the mic capsule is being overloaded by the force of the wind. Not sure I would recomend home made covers for mics. Professional covers for mics are acoustically designed for that exact use, t shirts are not.

Mark Schaefer

I sometimes take my stinky sock off of my foot and put that over the microphone. Makes a very bad stink sound. JK.

Grant Maloy Smith

You need the foam baffle over the mic when outside

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