Post-Production : Top 10 Sound Editing Software for 2014 by Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Top 10 Sound Editing Software for 2014

Sound Editors - Any feedback on these?

Steve Sherman

Why aren't Pro Tools, Sonar or WaveLab in the list? When it comes to audio editing, those are the tools that come to mind for me. Maybe this list is for hobbyists? Just curious. :)

Bradley Scott

That's a good point Steve. I sent this to my buddy who edits in Pro Tools and he said the same thing. But, still, good info to have, right?

Steve Sherman

Still fun to read! :)

Bradley Scott

I agree!

Eneas Mentzel

From this list for me Adobe Audition is the best choice. I've been using it since forever (when it was still called Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium software). I use Pro Tools 11, but when it comes to pure audio editing I still use Audition 3. In my humble oppinion it has great features and is compatible with most external plug ins as well. The downside is that Adobe now switched to cloud versions, not very user friendly imho, but that's another discussion. Pro Tools is much more than an audio editor, it's a sequencer and then some. Powerfull and great for audio post production. But most of my editing is still done in an audio editor, just a way of working. I don't think that this has got anything to do with being a pro or a hobbyist, you use what works best for you. In the end, the person using the gear is more important than the gear that is being used...

Dan Backhouse

Totally agree with Eneas. I do use Pro Tools for most audio post including editing but audition's no slouch, great to work in. I create most sound design in Audition as it has brilliant audio manipulation tools. Also when I'm working on an edit or mix in Pro Tools and find noises and clicks Audition is great for taking them out manually. Pro Tools and Audition are my main DAWs for audio post.

Angel Perez Grandi

I used Adobe Audition in its Cool Edit days and it was always the most flexible+effective when it came to editing single files. I remember it having great processing tools too. Surprised no to see Audacity on that list- it's free and it would certainly be a contender against most as far as editing goes. These days it's Pro Tools all the way for me but I would change to Nuendo anytime if it was more widely used. I also find I use iZoptope RX quite a bit to clean and master single files- I only wish they expanded it's basic editing abilities a bit more.

Eneas Mentzel

For audio cleaning it's RX3 for me as well. Works way better than the basic sound restoration tools in Audition. Audition as Angel says is great for the single file stuff. Multichannel editing is not its strong side :)

Matt Milne

thanks for the list, i'm relatively new to all this.

Henrik Bengtsson

Been using Audition since Cool Edit days also and for sound editing and processing it's not bad. If you do mixing i feel it works better alongside Pro Tools, Ableton Live or some other DAW. I do like it's integration with Premiere but then it's just saving a few extra minutes using a different DAW and just import the editing through OMF or similar.

Salah Labidi

I use pyramix and protools on a daily basis. Both got great features when it comes to editing.

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