Post-Production : Any animatronics parts sourcing out there? by D Duckie Rodriguez

D Duckie Rodriguez

Any animatronics parts sourcing out there?

It's a bit late for this project, but I'm doing my first animatronics for a microbudget film and a lot of local filmmakers are very interested in using animatronics in their projects. Most of my pricier materials and equipment come from the RC hobby stores, some electronics warehouses, and a LOT of the rest comes from repurposed items from the hardware store... Pretty standard fare for practical effects. I was just wondering if anyone had a source list that can keep things (relatively) inexpensive and yet still be less of a kludge? I'd really like my next project to take less time...

D Duckie Rodriguez

As an example, I'm stripping 7 strand wire for the nice, smooth core wire, and I don't understand why I am unable to find the exact wire I need...

Steve Weintz

Hi Duckie -- check out Blue Point Engineering:

D Duckie Rodriguez

Oooh, shiny! Thank you very much!

Tom Williamson

Sparkfun is a great place to spend way too much time and money on shiny objects:

D Duckie Rodriguez

Sparkfun is always a standby, and definitely gets the shiny part... I will continue to use it for breakouts or when I want to try a new microcontroller... but the bpesolutions is what I'm really looking for for this. Thank you, both of you.

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