Post-Production : Learning After Affects by Jared Kasanofsky

Jared Kasanofsky

Learning After Affects

I am looking to learn After Affects, and looking for advice where to start. I hear great reviews from Video Copilot. But don't know with what videos to start with.

Laddie Ervin

Video Copilot is a great place to start. You can jump in with ANY video that piques your interest. Andrew walks you through every step and explains everything. You can rewind if you miss something or if it's not crystal clear. I started with his early videos and then worked my way through all his tuts, excluding those that didn't interest me. When you're ready to step up to pro (paid) training both and offer very good, easy to follow tuts. Congratulation on taking your first steps. It will get easier every day you use the software!

Jared Kasanofsky

Cool thanks.

Jon Julsrud

I agree with Laddie. They are great tutorials and Andrew Kramer is great at walking you through everything and explaining all the steps. If you have a specific effect you are after that he has done a tutorial for by all means jump straight to that. If you are just starting out though I would recommend looking at the first tutorials he put out. There is a lot of info in there for new users so you can dive in and get acclimated to the software. I want to say those will be in a CS3 environment, but not much has changed layout/menu option wise.

Tanem Davidson

VC is the best place to start. Once you get familiar you find specific tuts on youtube.

Jeremy Christensen

I think a more relevant question is... what do you wan to do with After Effects? AE can do so many things. Then I can advise you more. Good Luck AE is a wonderful program.

Tanem Davidson

Good point. Mo graph, compositing, color grading, title effects, visual effects. AE does a lot.

Jeremy Christensen

Do you have any plugins? I would recommend fining a project you would like to do and research specific help or go through a couple tutorials on youtube first. Also has been valuable for my company. But it is a pay for service much like

FutureProof Studios

Start with this basics class hidden away over at Video Copilot:

Michelle Eisley

You can also invest into digital tutors which is also industry recognized. Get more polished and you can look into FXPHD or Cimi VFX depending on which production track you want to take.

Levi James Borland

Get in touch with me. Videocopilot is great but I can teach you much more. That is a guarantee!

Dawson Boyle

I use After Effects for everything so learning it is a great idea!, just search getting started in After Effects on youtube and watch a few it took me a couple of weeks to get 100% confident and once you learn its ui you will find its extremely simple! :)

Levi James Borland

I was considering on offering a beginners course to cover all of the basic fundamentals of Adobe After Effects. Something that would get you familiar with the layout of the program all the way up to tracking and green screen techniques. All in one place where those interested in learning the program can do so at their own pace all in one place.

Shea Christian Reinke

Anything to show? Followed from awhile back. Learned anything you would like to share?

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