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Scott Dokey

Lighting Suggestions

I'm hoping someone here may have some suggestions for an upcoming scene. I need to know the best way to light the bottom of a dark swimming pool to cast an eerie glow around a character that will be swimming up. My initial thought was to tie some weights around a few glow sticks and drop them in. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Elle Craib

The weighted glow sticks are a great idea. There are also glow balls available that you could try using.

Simon © Simon

What kind of eerie glow? Supernatural or natural? Super~ do it in post. Natural~ water proof lights/sticks as you've thought of. Maybe some underwater flares?

Scott Dokey

Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking for it to be an eerie supernatural glow. Even if I do some editing in post I still need to light it because it is pretty dark. It's not a normal swimming pool, but more of a tropical type of pool.

Simon © Simon

I am sure you will do editing in post.... That is Post...(had to) I would tack on some led markers to then track in say Mocha or Nuke and then attach or direct my SNLight to those points as necessary...

Reflex Motion Control

Scott we manufacture high output waterproof LED lights. They run off camera batteries so no safety issues. see

Steve Payne

Your description leaves much to be desired regarding the pool, on the assumption that it is man made contained and of not too great a volume and dependant on your budget, I would look into adding an agent (vitamin, protein, fluorescent dye) to the water that will fluoresce then hit it with black light, A good example can be seen in K19 the widow maker, when the reactor was leaking, to simulate the Cherenkove Effect, I believe they added tonic water to liquid in the reactor room (it's the Quinine) blacklight gave it that eerie malevolent radioactive blue glow, I would think regulating the level of blacklight should allow you to control the degree to which the liquid glows. Next thought would be LED lighting rigged underwater so low voltage, not sure how dim-able they will be as the voltage band in which an LED works is closely allied to its colour. I'll quote the punchline of an old story here regarding these requests for ideas to resolve a problem, which anyone in engineering may have heard, the invoice read - For the Chalk Mark 5 cents, Knowing where to put it $24,000.95.

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