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Emily Verdict

VO scripts

Does anyone know of any sites i can find VO scripts online? Thank you!

Chadrick McNeal

Something like this what you're looking for?

Emily Verdict

Wow! Chadrick i just checked them out last night. Impressive didnt find them on imdbpro maybe i look them up wrong! So you recommend them? I was going to go back to Kalmenson i only took one class i know they have what i need but im keeping my options open i need to get my lil book look some VO casting directors who also hold workshops just trying not to get caught up in the hype!

Dana Hurley

Just keep in mind those scripts are good for practice or generating ideas for demo scripts. However, they are well overused on demos and might not get you the outcomes you're wanting because they are overheard.

Emily Verdict

Thanks Dana! I figured that! Im trying to write my own!

Greg Littlefield

I'll second what Dana said. I had to write some of my own as well.

Frank George

Emily Edge Studio has a great website and mountains of scripts, if you email me i can send you a doc with tons. , i tried to attach it here but was not able..cheers. frank

Emily Verdict

Thanks Larry! Im so doing my homework! All of you have been on point and saying the same thing TRUST me im paying attention. You are all a blessing!

Peter Jaycock

Sometimes the higher-end fashion and lifestyle magazines have ads in them that are written so well you can use them almost verbatim as scripts. My former agent, who produced one of my demos, used a couple of those for part of my demo, and she was right, the classier ads work well. Just a suggestion for something different.

Emily Verdict

Thanks Peter! All this advice is helping a newbie like me!

Peter Jaycock

Anytime sister, we V/O people have to help and support each other :) Take care, Pete !

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