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Shawn Speake Shawn Speake Organizer
actor, musician, voice artist
Salvatore LoSauro Salvatore LoSauro + 1 Guests
Erik V Wolter Erik V Wolter
producer, screenwriter
Scott Murrish Scott Murrish
camera operator, photographer (still), videographer
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What's good, DenverWood!

Where: Local 46
4586 Tennyson St.
Denver, Colorado
When: Thursday, July 30th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 5 years ago
Updated 5 years ago
Note! It's also karaoke night with Bella Scratch!
About the meetup

What's good, Denver! I'm looking to meet creatives and independent filmmakers interested in being a part of my FRIEND OR FOE project.

Alcoholic friends leave New York to grow marijuana in the mountains of Colorado and go crazy with cabin fever.

It's one location, four key roles, shooting at Mt. Princeton in 2016. These will be paid postions. Look forward to meeting you!

Shawn Speake

I just modified the time - please take a look if you are planning to attend.

Eric Schneider

It says 4 attendees, and I see only three names. How does that compute, Sean?

Erin Hill

Hello I'm new to Stage 32 and happened to see this event and I must say I'm intrigued by the topic of the project but I'm not too sure about my age. I'm seventeen currently and I don't yet have many professional skills to offer besides ideas and potential scenarios. Just that as a teenager in Colorado I know most of the slang that comes with the "potheads" here in Denver so if you're interested in anything I have to offer just let me know. And I'd also like to let you know I don't smoke it (promise).

Lisa KaneJung

Brilliant, sounds like fun! Would love to hear more. I am in CO part time. Where do you live? I may or may not be able to make the meet up. Please give me a jingle. Lisa

Eric Schneider

Fraid I won't make it, Sean. Not feeling well, need to not drive 6hrs RT. AND...I am interested in an ongoing writers support group. Keep me in the loop, please.

Shawn Speake

I look forward to seeing you ladies and gentlemen tomorrow night! It's gonna be a lot of fun!

Shawn Speake

FRIEND OR FOE: ACT1 is posted. Enjoy your read! https://www.stage32.com/sites/stage32.com/files/assets/screenplay/185490...

Erin Hill

Hey just read it. Sounds interesting so far although there are some slang tweaks I'd like to explain maybe. So is the place you guys are meeting at a place where I'd be allowed in? I'm not sure if I can attend but I'm definitely interested in the project. Also Fairplay is a good destination if you want out of the way back road place for film. My family has a cabin there

Shane M Wheeler

Hey everyone, hope you have a fun and productive meet up. I would love to be there if it were geographically possible for me, and hope to see you in the future.

Rick James

Darn it! Missed it, I hope I can catch future meet ups.

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