Nicole Kruex

Nicole Kruex

NexGen Films
Actor, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Editor, Filmmaker, Producer, Screenwriter and Videographer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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December 2014
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About Nicole

Nicole Kruex is an actress of all genres, comedy, action, thrillers and drama, but horror remains her favorite to date.

NexGenFIlms is a co-owned feature film production company in the Horror genre. We are always looking for investors, co-productions, and commercial opportunities.



  • Confessions of a Graverobber

    Confessions of a Graverobber (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Paranormalice

    Paranormalice (2016)
    Film Actress

  • Elephant Stomp

    Elephant Stomp (2015)
    Film by Sonny Syonesa (Action, Adventure and Romance) Actress

  • Paranoia Tapes

    Paranoia Tapes (2015)
    Film by Jack Hunter (Horror) Actress From the creators of After the Dawn, L.A. Maniac, Play Hooky, Who's There and Dirty B.O. , Comes a found footage movie that will surely put you on the edge of your seats. With the inspiration of true stories, Jack Hunter's PARANOIA TAPES will send a chill down the bottom of your spine. Written by Anonymous

  • Boys Cry

    Boys Cry (2015)
    Film by Mitchel A. Jones (Drama) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer

  • Insectula!

    Insectula! (2015)
    Film by Michael Peterson (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actress A giant alien mosquito-type insect is drawn to earth from the CO2 pollution in search of blood. Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creature and is on a personal vendetta while the Dr. Kempler is captivated by it and attempts to help the creature cleanse the earth. Written by Anonymous

  • American Beast

    American Beast (2014)
    Film Actress

  • Bound: Africans versus African Americans

    Bound: Africans versus African Americans (2014)
    Film by Peres Owino (Documentary, Drama, Family and History) Editor, Cinematographer, Producer, Sound department BOUND: African versus African Americans (AVAA) is a hard hitting documentary that addresses the little known tension that exists between Africans and African Americans. AVAA uses personal testimonials to expose this rift, then it takes us on a journey through the corridors of African and African American historical experiences as it illuminates the moments that divide and those that bind Africans and African American. Written by Anonymous

  • Robert Browne: The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation

    Robert Browne: The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation (2014)
    Film by Brian Sterling (Documentary) Cinematographer 'Robert Browne - The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation' is a TV documentary about the previously unknown origins of the United States as a nation. The documentary was shot on location in both England and in the United States, and reveals hitherto unknown data about how and why the 'Pilgrims' first settled in America; and who was the chief motivator behind them; Robert Browne of The Lilford Estate in England. Robert Browne was the man who separated church from state; he was chief motivational force behind the pilgrims as well as being the clergyman who guided their theology and beliefs. Robert Browne's direct descendant fired the first shot to draw blood in the American war of independence and his thoughts. The founding fathers of the United States considered the teachings of Robert Browne to be so important that his words are written into the constitution of the United States. Robert Browne's beloved Lilford Estate in England where held most of his ministries was home to the family of ... Written by Brian Sterling-Vete

  • The Avenue

    The Avenue (2013)
    Film (short) by Alaina L Lewis (Drama) Editor, Cinematographer, Visual effects, Sound department, Camera and Electrical Department The arduous journey a young man undertakes when he transforms from the innocence of being a son, to the horror of becoming his mother's pusher.

  • After the Dawn

    After the Dawn (2012)
    Film by Mitchel A. Jones (Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Actress, Editor, Producer, Writer A survivor of warfare born chemical attack, Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrible realization. The Human race has suffered terrible recourse in the wake of an attack that never should have been leaving the remaining inhabitants in a state far less then human. It has been six months since to the day in this new world of indescribable destruction and isolated fear. In search of the only person she holds dear Cassie must fight the onslaught of creatures once precious to her in an unstoppable journey to reunite. Written by TRIWAR Pictures

  • On the Way Down

    On the Way Down (2011)
    Film (short) by James Vogel (Horror) Actress Kenneth Bloomberg is a successful marriage counselor, happily married, and living the good life. But when a patient begins to talk about his indiscretions, and his sexual urges, the good doctor takes on a whole new approach to the concept of marital therapy. Written by anonymous

  • TH3M

    TH3M (2011)
    TV Series Actress

  • The Big One

    The Big One (2011)
    Film Actress

  • The Collective

    The Collective (2011)
    Film Actress

  • Deceived

    Deceived (2010)
    Video Producer

  • Night on Has Been Mountain

    Night on Has Been Mountain (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Street Hassle

    Street Hassle (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Why Am I in a Box?

    Why Am I in a Box? (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Next Door

    Next Door (2010)
    Film by Andrew Sawyer (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actress NEXT DOOR is a gripping ghost story that follows the tale of Anna, a single woman and bookkeeper for a New York firm, who wins a bid on a house in a small town in Massachusetts. After being abandoned by previous owners and vacant for quite some time, Anna arrives and finds that the house seems to be haunted. She soon makes discoveries about her house and her neighbors that are more than unsettling....... Written by Anonymous

  • A Broken Family

    A Broken Family (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Shy

    Shy (2010)
    Film by Scott R. Thompson (Comedy) Actress A mouthy young woman whose life is going nowhere meets the man of her dreams one day and can't say an intelligent word to him. But she can sing when he's around. That she can do.

  • The Pact: Hob's Horn

    The Pact: Hob's Horn (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Lust

    Lust (2010)
    Film Actress

  • Faux

    Faux (2010)
    Film by Christopher Michael Beer (Drama) Actress The story is minimal; love lost, love regained, love destroyed. Our characters are Caleb and Rin. Caleb lives comfortably in his upper/middle class lifestyle as a columnist and blogger. Rin is a prominent student filmmaker in the gay community at his college. Their lives intertwine when Caleb's wife is killed in an accidental hit and run, and Caleb's only memory of the accident is a bumper sticker of a one legged bird. The two develop a relationship that opens up Caleb's world to a new meaning of love, but transcends into dangerous and destructive when he begins to suspect Rin had something to do with his accident. The film is told in four intertwining storylines, shot in four different film styles respectively; Melodrama, French New Wave, Mumblecore (or 'Indie'), and Documentary which will actually feature real interviews from notable members of Minnesota's GLBT community. FAUX takes place during America's current perceptions of sexuality; specifically, the gay rights movement. It ... Written by Rogue Cinema

  • Terror Overload

    Terror Overload (2009)
    Film by Kevin Myhre (Action, Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actress In the wrap around story called "Devil Driver", a creepy truck driver tells a trilogy of terrifying tales to a sexy stranded hitchhiker that include "Dinner Date", "Lot Lizard" and "Mongo Chupa"! She has no idea what this ride has in store for her! Written by Jason Stephenson

  • The City

    The City (2009)
    Film by James Vogel (Comedy, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actress Young struggling screenwriter Scott Valdez is trying desperately to find some inspiration for his final thesis paper in order to graduate college after his college professor tells him he needs more life experience in order to make the paper more realistic. He soon finds his inspiration when he meets T.K. Together they bond through adventures in sex, drugs, and death - the American way. Written by Landyn Banx

  • A Serious Man

    A Serious Man (2009)
    Film by Joel Coen (Comedy and Drama) Actress Bloomington, Minnesota, 1967: Jewish physics lecturer Larry Gopnik is a serious and a very put-upon man. His daughter is stealing from him to save up for a nose job, his pot-head son, who gets stoned at his own bar-mitzvah, only wants him round to fix the TV aerial and his useless brother Arthur is an unwelcome house guest. But both Arthur and Larry get turfed out into a motel when Larry's wife Judy, who wants a divorce, moves her lover, Sy, into the house and even after Sy's death in a car crash they are still there. With lawyers' bills mounting for his divorce, Arthur's criminal court appearances and a land feud with a neighbour Larry is tempted to take the bribe offered by a student to give him an illegal exam pass mark. And the rabbis he visits for advice only dole out platitudes. Still God moves in mysterious - and not always pleasant - ways, as Larry and his family will find out. Written by don @ minifie-1

  • Into Temptation

    Into Temptation (2009)
    Film by Patrick Coyle (Drama) Actress A call girl goes to a priest to confess a sin she hasn't committed yet: she plans to kill herself on her next birthday. Then she disappears and he goes looking for her, enlisting the help of an ad hoc congregation of troubled souls along the way. A story about forgiveness. Written by Anonymous

  • Mule: A Slasher's Lament

    Mule: A Slasher's Lament (2009)
    Film Actress

  • Evil on the Ryes

    Evil on the Ryes (2009)
    Film Actress

  • Woman City

    Woman City (2008)
    Film by Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra (Action and Drama) Actress Woman City is a story about three women from very different walks of life. The story begins in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we meet Sharon, Haleema. and Rebecca all experiencing hardships that bring them together. They form an unbreakable bond and decide to leave their unhappy lives and start anew. They move to an old ghost town in South Dakota and make a fresh start. Woman City is born and quickly becomes a safe haven for women from all over. Peace and harmony prevail until the locals get restless as more women arrive. Tensions rise and the ghosts of their past begin to haunt the women. Battle lines are drawn as the women fight for freedom and justice. Written by Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

  • Trinity

    Trinity (2008)
    Film Actress

  • Independence

    Independence (2008)
    Film (short) by Towle Neu Actress, Editor Natalie Perkinson is a school teacher who is trying to escape a bad relationship and the hectic life of the big city. She lands a teaching job in a small rural community in the town of Independence. Upon arrival she is greeted by the community leaders and quickly discovers that the country life isn't so simple - and that she shouldn't eat the fish. Written by Towle Neu

  • After

    After (2008)
    Film Actress

  • Boss Violet

    Boss Violet (2008)
    Film Actress

  • Armsageddon


  • Free Lunch: A Story of Surviving Immigration

    Free Lunch: A Story of Surviving Immigration

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