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About Ron

I'm a screenwriter, ghostwriter, playwright and poet. I've had scripts optioned, two of my one act plays produced in theaters in Manhattan, and my poetry published in many journals as well as the New York Times. I've written in many 'voices' and genres. I've written Shorts, Made for TV Movies, Pilots and Full Length Features.
Below are the loglines of my available scripts,including; Shorts, TV Pilots, Made for TV Movies, and Full Length Features . Writing samples available upon request.


DOWNSIZED - Middle aged sales manager refuses to accept being downsized. Death of a Salesman meets Twilight Zone.

THE LAST CANDLE - Her priest is surprised by an old woman's last request.(GHOSTWRITTEN)

PLAY GOD - A dead sister. Twin brothers, one a priest, the other seeking revenge. And then there's their mother.

DING! - How agreeing on a simple word stopped their arguing, but world peace?


TABLES - Katherine turned fifty and wondered 'Is that all there is?' 'She used online dating to have dinner dates with one thousand men in three years to see if she could find the magic, the 'chemistry of love'. A true story. (GHOSTWRITTEN) WAS OPTIONED

THE ROAD THROUGH MAGGIE - The wisdom of the elders, the frustration of middle age, and the free spirit of youth come together in an uplifting, women's 'buddy' film, that in the end, will inspire audiences to pay more attention to 'what women want and what women need'. WAS OPTIONED TWICE


FLEAPORT - A lawyer looking to 'find himself', turns to managing a wacky group of characters who work in a small town like flea market, in the nineteen seventies, outside of JFK. (PILOT)

GRIEF AND GRATITUDE -Week to week we follow transplant donors, their recipients, as well the professionals that work to comfort, repair and heal them and their families in a Mid-western hospital. Based on true stories.(PILOT)

BLOW THAT WHISTLE - Two black, pick up basketball refs from Queens try their hand at counseling, with hilarious results. (PILOT)

TICKETS - Three buddies scam Off Track Betting for big bucks without getting scratched. Can they score Mega bucks, cheat the system and win the Lottery?

POLAR SWAP - Three couples flee to the Arctic to escape impending doom from a Polar Swap. Isolated in an Arctic Circle home, the escape they found was not the escape they expected.

TWISTED TRUTHS - Her father was one in name only. Late in life his daughter takes him in after her mother dies. His gratitude turns to resentment to downright mean. When he sues her, the daughter fights to keep her husband and kids from his anger. A true story.

NAKED SUCCESS - Midwestern mom strips to support her daughter. When she tries to open her own place a local lawyer pretending to be in love with her, steals the place and permit out from under her. It's the mom against the lawyer and the town fathers. It's no match.

CHOPPERS - Chino and his boyhood buddy, Flacco, steal motorcycles, outwit the cops and run a 'chop shop' in the Bronx, New York City. 

ELECT THE DEAD - Environmentalists want to save the planet, while an oil exec just wants to save his ass. In the headlines now.

THE REVENGE OF CRYSTAL - Vigilante has a whole new meaning when Crystal shows up. She's a 'ball buster', really.


PAYBACK -  Richie Stone is an ex-cop, now a garmento. When he learns he is HIV positive, his shrink advises him to 'find them'. Richie does, but not for the reasons his shrink wanted. Now his lovers are dying to see him.

SMALL TOWN BLUES - Honest cops, hippie chicks, corrupt police union bosses, at the ass end of the sixties, early seventies, come together in this 'based on a true story' action flick.

LINEAGE - The Essenes's were the guardians of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Lost Gospels. They reappear to tell two adopted brothers, one black and one white, that each of them have 'the God gene' and one or both may be the Messiah. Organized religion is not happy with this and the brothers are chased, literally through Heaven and Hell. Mission Impossible meets The DaVinci Code.

SAFETY ZONE - Manhattan P.I. pisses off a Columbian drug lord, finds a good friend dead, and his therapy group in fear of their lives, and that was on Monday.

DISARMING - One cop's crusade to ban handguns divides the Nation and makes for unlikely allies on both sides. And it takes a Supreme Court Justice in an unlikely role to bring the country back to it's roots.

COLLARD GREENS AND PASTA -Sophisticated black teen gang, into music and fashion, and runs a chop shop, out races cops and outsmarts the Mob. Oh, and sends inner city kids to college with the help of a single mom who just might have a link to the body-building Black/Italian cop who wants to alternatively protect and arrest them.

ALIKE - A sixties anti-war icon known as Hanoi Joy, now a famous exercise guru, friends of the current left wing President, and a famous POW, rescued from his captors by a right wing General running for President, are used as pawns in a Presidential election.

FOOTPRINTS - Zack was in his fifties, married twice, divorced, has three kids, and now wants to let his kids know he's gay. His shrink arranges a psychodrama weekend at his lake home. He doesn't know his ex-wives are coming. They didn't know he was gay.

CHANGES - Three Manhattan couples lives intersect, the women at the gynecologists' office, the men at a local bar. How each couple deals with the women going through their 'changes' makes for a story that millions of woman and their partners will laugh, cry and applaud.

THE GIRL IN THE PARK - She was known at work as the 'Ice Queen'. When she rescues a puppy in the park her life changed. Saved from being beaten and raped, she befriends her rescuer and her life changed again. One of them dies.


Screenwriting (Ghostwriting)
Full Length Features
Made for TV Movies
Mini Series
Reality Show
Shorts (15-20 minute scripts)
Trailers (2-3 minute script)
Commercials (scripts)
Business Videos (scripts)
Synopsis (one page)
Query Letters ( up to two pages)
Treatment (up to 10 pages)

$5,000.00 for a full length feature (includes: logline, synopsis and treatment if needed
$2,500 for a TV Movie, Pilot or Reality Show
$1,500 for a Short
$250 for a 1-2 minute commercial or trailer
$500 for a Treatment (10 pages)
$100 for Coverage up to 100 pages
$100 for a Synopsis
$100 for a query letter
$50 for a logline



  • The Road Through Maggie

    The Road Through Maggie Drama The Road Through Maggie is in the tradition of 'Boys On The Side,' 'How To Make An American Quilt' and 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.' Funny, sexy, and full of hope, it is the journey of three Women, from three generations, and the bonds that link them together.

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