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I'm a professional editor specializing in non-fiction stories for film, broadcast and web. During my career, I’ve worked on many local, regional and national PBS shows and documentaries, as well as numerous independent films, documentaries and branded content. My credits include working for 10 seasons as the primary segment editor on the national PBS series America’s Heartland; editing and co-producing the national documentary Workin’ Man Blues; and editing the feature documentaries The Golden Game, A Likely Story, and The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues. Both A Likely Story and The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues were syndicated nationally and also went on to win Regional Emmy Awards.

In addition to editing, I’m also a writer, director and cinematographer, having worked on many independent short and feature narrative films, documentaries, broadcast series, commercials and more. As a result, I bring a strong, real world understanding of story structure, visual structure and pacing into the edit bay.

I am passionate about telling stories that matter. I thrive on historical and musically-themed content, and am particularly good at finding the emotional core of a story and bringing it to the surface. I believe this passion, creative vision and attention to detail have all directly contributed to the numerous awards I’ve received, which include twelve Tellys and three Emmys.


  • Afternoon Delight

    Afternoon Delight (2016)
    Film (short) by Danna Wilberg Cinematographer/Editor This "French" romantic comedy follows a woman who, by her actions, causes everyone around her to mistakenly believe she's cheating on her husband.

  • Rob on the Road

    Rob on the Road (2010 - 2016)
    Series by KVIE Public Television/Rob Stewart (Documentary and Reality-TV) Editor/Colorist/Videographer Exploring the stories that capture the unique spirit of California. KVIE presents more local stories than ever before! Our series Rob on the Road brings a fresh, new look at the people and places that make our community our home. KVIE's Rob Stewart brings you the stories that capture the spirit of Northern California. These are the stories that matter and move you-the good news stories you always hope for in local news but never see. And you won't just learn about what surrounds you; you'll experience what surrounds you in a whole new inspiring way! Written by Brown, Sheryl

  • The Silent Locksmith

    The Silent Locksmith (2016)
    Film (Short) Cinematographer An original content silent film that tells the story of a locksmith who is a fine man of virtue and courage but is forced to commit a crime in order to survive. He steals money from one of his clients. Our lovable villain character, many years later, tries to compensate the victim of his crime by making full restitution of the stolen money and at the same time making himself rich. Written by Moh Salim

  • ViewFinder

    ViewFinder (2005 - 2016)
    Series by KVIE Public Television Editor/Colorist/Videographer ViewFinder takes an in-depth look at our history, present, and future. Each episode is a unique documentary look at our community, bringing unique voices and stories to the front and framing them in a larger perspective.

  • White Gold: The Epic Story of Squaw Valley

    White Gold: The Epic Story of Squaw Valley (2013 - 2016)
    Documentary by Tim Walton Films/Tim Walton (Documentary) Writer/Director/Producer/Editor A feature documentary that chronicles the long and often controversial history of Squaw Valley, California - from it's earliest inhabitants, through the 1960 Winter Olympics and up to today.

  • Focused

    Focused (2015)
    Film (short) by KatBox Films/Katherine DaSilva (Romance and Short) Cinematographer/Editor For one Sacramento photographer, getting lost in his work has left his personal life a blur. But could a second chance open the door to a more focused world?

  • America's Heartland

    America's Heartland (2005 - 2015)
    Series by KVIE Public Television/Jim Finnerty (Documentary and Reality-TV) Primary Segment Editor A weekly Public Television series celebrating our nation's agriculture.

  • Rob on the Road-Taking Flight: A World War II Experience

    Rob on the Road-Taking Flight: A World War II Experience (2014)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Tim Walton (Documentary) Writer/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor Join KVIE host Rob Stewart as he takes the co-pilot's seat for an unforgettable flight in a formation of four restored World War II airplanes. Relive the experiences of those brave Americans whose aerial victories made them part of the Greatest Generation.

  • Viewfinder: Living with Parkinson's

    Viewfinder: Living with Parkinson's (2014)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Karen Christian Editor Examine how Parkinson's Disease is now approached with a new perspective, thanks to doctors, researchers, and patients who are driving the science. Meet men and women from all walks of life who struggle to delay their disease progression, including former Sacramento Kings power forward Brian Grant.

  • ViewFinder - Deadly Dust: Valley Fever in the West

    ViewFinder - Deadly Dust: Valley Fever in the West (2014)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Jason Shoultz (Documentary) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Workin' Man Blues

    Workin' Man Blues (2014)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Jason Shoultz (Documentary) Editor/Co-Producer Explore the dust bowl roots of country music in California through interviews with California music icons Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Dwight Yoakam. Grammy Award-winning musicians Michael Martin Murphey and Vince Gill also reflect on the importance of the Bakersfield sound on the country music scene.

  • Beyond Geek

    Beyond Geek (2014)
    Series by Jowagi Productions/Joe Gillis (Documentary and Reality-TV) Cinematographer BEYOND GEEK is a television series about people who take geek to the next level. From a group trying to get to space in a balloon, to people who dress up as superheroes to fight crime, in each episode you'll experience a fascinating new world full of people pushing the limits of science, technology, and everything geek. Written by Anonymous

  • Bereaved

    Bereaved (2014)
    Film (short) by Lady Knight Films/Ilana Hack (Drama and Short) Cinematographer/Colorist In an endless parade of funerals, one limo driver's life take an unanticipated turn the day Gloria Steinberg speaks to him from the back seat.

  • A Likely Story

    A Likely Story (2014)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Jason Shoultz (Documentary) Editor/Colorist A retiring California cattle rancher goes on his last cattle drive before handing the family ranch off to the next generation. As the family faces an uncertain future so does the small town of Likely, California where they live. A changing rural economy has forced many to leave the once-thriving community. Winner - 2015 Regional Emmy Award

  • Frankie Moreno: Live In Vegas!

    Frankie Moreno: Live In Vegas! (2014)
    Music by KVIE/Peter Berkow & Alice Yu Editor/Colorist Concert documentary following Las Vegas' "Entertainer of the Year!"

  • The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues

    The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues (2010)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Bryan Shadden (Documentary) Editor/Colorist This Emmy Award winning program takes a unique glimpse into the lives of minor league baseball players at various stages in their careers. We take you inside the clubhouse, dugout, team bus, and their homes to see what it's like chasing the dream to the big leagues. See who makes it to the game's highest levels and who realizes it's time to walk away.

  • Crisis In Caring: California's School Nursing Shortage

    Crisis In Caring: California's School Nursing Shortage (2010)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Kelly Peterson Editor This Emmy Award winning documentary focuses on the critical shortage of school nurses in Northern California, and its impact on students, teachers, parents and whole communities. California's top leaders, local physicians and students with chronic illnesses weigh in on the crisis.

  • Above The American

    Above The American (2010)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Bryan Shadden Editor/Co-Producer/Co-Writer An aerial tour of one of California's most picturesque waterways, the American River. The journey begins at the confluence with the Sacramento River and travels the North, Middle and South Forks of the American. Incredible scenics, Old West history, wildlife, Native American artifacts and a thrilling ride down some of America's most famous whitewater rapids.

  • Meet Mary Pleasant

    Meet Mary Pleasant (2008)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Editor Inspiring saga of Mary Ellen Pleasant, called Mother of Civil Rights in California. Ruby Dee narrates. An MLK & Rosa Parks combined. Awards, PBS broadcast, Cannes screening. Drama, re-enactment, expert commentary, montage, music.

  • Echoes of a Lost Valley

    Echoes of a Lost Valley (2007)
    Film by Kvie Public Television/Craig Miller (Documentary) Editor Imagine a broad, expansive valley resting in the midst of a grand mountain range, a valley dotted with ancient oaks and mighty pines cradling the largest fresh-water lake west of the Mississippi. On the valley floor, wildflowers carpet the earth in blazing color, great flocks of birds darken the sky, majestic herds of elk and antelope graze at sunset, grizzly bears angle for salmon, and the largest concentration of Indians in North America live in harmony with nature's abundance. Today these sights and sounds are now mostly gone; only echoes remain. Computer generated graphics and stunning visual images are accompanied by bio-acoustician Bernie Krause, who has re-created an early California soundscape.

  • Frozen In Time: Sacramento's Iceland Ice Rink

    Frozen In Time: Sacramento's Iceland Ice Rink (2007)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Self (Documentary) Writer/Producer/Director/Editor For more than 65 years, North Sacramento's Iceland Ice Rink has seen its share of history. From the glorious amateur ice shows to the estimated one million people who've passed through its doors the little business has seen it all. Built as a means to keep the American Ice Company alive, it quickly grew to be one of the most successful attractions in the greater Sacramento area.

  • The Sacramento: River of Life

    The Sacramento: River of Life (2005)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Craig Miller (Documentary) Editor A one hour journey examining the past and future of California's Sacramento River.

  • The Golden Game: Baseball In Sacramento

    The Golden Game: Baseball In Sacramento (2005)
    Documentary by KVIE Public Television/Bryan Shadden (Documentary) Editor

  • Voices from the High School

    Voices from the High School (2002)
    Film by Jowagi Productions/Joe Gillis (Drama and Family) Cinematographer/Editor "Voices from the High School" takes a candid look at teenage life and the everyday struggles of high school students, capturing a frank and honest view into the frailty of our youth - from the innocence of a first kiss and petty gossip to the controversial issues of sexual exploration and the hard reality of teen suicide and abuse. Based on the Play by Peter Dee.

  • 9 Items or Less

    9 Items or Less (1995)
    Film (short) by jowagi Productions/Joe Gillis (Comedy, Family and Short) Cinematographer After the Fellow wreaks havoc while shopping, he gets in one of hundreds of long lines to check out. In what seems like an eternity, he spots a very short line with a banner above announcing "9 Items or Less." Upon counting, he discovers he has ten items in his cart, so he does what every moral, self-respecting citizen would do - he goes to the "9 Items or Less" line anyway, resulting in a battle of wills between the Fellow and the Cashier.

  • Yes! We're Open!

    Yes! We're Open!
    Series by KVIE Public Television Editor/Colorist/Videographer A semi-regular series that introduces you to the entrepreneurs who said goodbye to their 9 to 5 jobs, tapped their creative spirit, and are living their dreams. Discover the ambition and hard work that it takes to break the mold and run your own business with the people who make it happen for themselves.


  • Regional Emmy Award - Viewfinder: A Likely Story

  • Regional Emmy Award - The Golden Game: The Minor Leagues

  • Regional Emmy Award - Crisis In Caring: California's School Nursing Shortage

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