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Jeff Folschinsky

Playwright, Screenwriter, Sound Designer and Theatrical Producer

Los Angeles, California

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About Jeff

Jeff Folschinsky, who is originally from Houston, Texas, now resides in Los Angeles, California. His plays have been seen at various theaters across North America. He is also creator and staff writer for Perilous and The Trials and Tribulations of Vicky Vixen, a serial late night soap opera spoof at the Eclectic Company Theater in North Hollywood, California. Jeff’s play “The Unsinkable Bismarck, A Pill By Any Other Name Is The Wrong Dosage, Rendezvous and Revelations and Kisses From Abroad” are published by One Act Play Depot. His full length play “Turkey Day” that had it’s world premiere at The Eclectic Company Theatre, is published by both Norman Maine Play Publishing and Big Dog Play Publishing. His play he co-wrote with Tyler Tanner “The Singing Bone” is published by JAC Publishing.

Jeff has written and produced the popular podcasts Virgin Falls, Pasiones Obsesionantes, The B-Movie Bastards and Cult Movie Cuisine.

Jeff has also written a movie with Tyler Tanner and Stephanie Wiand called Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers which was directed by Joe Camareno and is due to be released later this year.



  • Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers

    Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Writer When evil Dr. Agatha Von Krahpenpantz attempts to create a zombie army to take over the world, it is up to down-on-his-luck Dr. Warren Oedi, of secret agency Department Gamma, to intervene. Being mankind's last hope by default, Dr. Oedi continues his father's lifework and perfects the Bimbot-making process, giving him the ultimate weapon in his battle against the undead. Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers is sure to thrill fans of Get Smart and Young Frankenstein! Written by Anonymous

  • Low Tech

    Low Tech (2013)
    Theater by The Eclectic Company Theatre Playwright After collapsing from exhaustion on High Tech International's showcase stage, Allegra Marcos figures it's time to simplify her life. But her boss, her friends, and her cell phone have a different plan. How will it all end? Only time,and this next light cue, might tell.

  • The Legend of Little Lump

    The Legend of Little Lump (2013)
    Theater by Thistle Dew Theatre Playwright When crop circles appear, ominous noises are heard, and a government agent arrives disguised as a “fisherman,” the residents of Little Lump, TX, suspect something may be awry. The local radio station owner is convinced the government is trying to cover up nefarious alien activity in town. Luckily, Gertie, the owner of the Gas ‘n’ Sip gas station/diner, has been preparing for an apocalypse for years and has her own arsenal of rocket launchers she’s purchased on the Internet. Gertie’s determined not to go down without a fight, but what results is what you might call an “intergalactic whoopsie moment.” She shoots down an alien spaceship on a mission of peace and a terrified alien ambassador mistakenly takes refuge in the Gas ‘n’ Sip kitchen. Whooops!

  • Turkey Day

    Turkey Day (2010)
    Theater by The Eclectic Company Theatre (Comedy) Playwright It’s Thanksgiving, the birds are singing, and everything is perfect as Bruce and Buffy eagerly await the arrival of their relatives. But when the guests arrive, it doesn’t take long before several salacious family secrets are revealed. Bruce discovers that he is adopted and his parents have been divorced for 15 years, his brother-in-law is a backyard gringo bullfighter, his mother has been blackmailing his sister-in-law, his nephew may be his son, and that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Gertrude are actually the same person. Then things really heat up when the turkey starts on fire and half the house burns down, Bruce’s mother dies in the bathroom and her body disappears, and Buffy’s brother-in-law asks Bruce for $150,000 to purchase a lemur ranch. But it’s all good until pandemonium breaks out.

  • Pasiones Obsesionantes

    Pasiones Obsesionantes (2009)
    Internet by Playgrounds, Ink! (Comedy) Writer "Pasiones" a dark comedy in the style of a Mexican telenovela follows our heroine Maribel, a former nun who has found herself with child. Feeling the scorn from all of the other nuns, she leaves the convent for a new life. Befriending her new neighbor Mago, a local woman of the night and lesbian, Maribel begins to feel passions so haunting she can only find comfort in the arms of her old pal Padre Emilio... What does the future hold for our lovely heroine?

  • Mercy

    Mercy (2008)
    Film (Short, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Sound department After she is killed in a wave of small town hysteria, Mercy Hawkins is resurrected by a mysterious healer who gives her the power to seek justice against her attackers.

  • Memoirs

    Memoirs (2007)
    Film (Drama) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Cup O' Joe

    Cup O' Joe (2004)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Sound department Joe Solano (Joe Camareno) is a former child star who's trying to break back into show business, and he's having a tough time of it (no one will touch him with a ten foot pole!). He struggles with his professional life, while trying to maintain a relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Mary (Ruth Livier). Joe's life has also taken a psycho sexual turn: he thinks he may be gay. This is no easy ride. No serenity, no calm as he rides an emotional roller coaster to an early life crisis in this Sex and the City meets Ally McBeal romp. Written by Anonymous

  • The Unsinkable Bismarck

    The Unsinkable Bismarck (2003)
    Theater by The Eclectic Company Theatre Playwright An absurdist look at the sinking of the German Battleship Bismarck. The play mostly centers around the crew of the Bismarck during their maiden voyage and their mission to seek out and destroy the British convoys in the North Atlantic. Sounds simple enough, but before they can achieve their glorious objective, they must first survive sailing around in circles through a fog bank, a tap dance number, an eccentric admiral, and getting military advice from a very fowl source. And of course, there is always the British Royal Navy, who is desperate to sink the German battleship. Of course, getting the order to sink the battleship is one thing. They soon find that carrying out that order is an adventure in itself.

  • Richard Roe

    Richard Roe (2001)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Sound department Investigator Dean Masters is searching for a man no one can remember. A generic man, so archetype in our concept of "average" that people fail to notice him. A John Doe, a Joe Blow, a... Richard Roe.


  • DragonCon Parsec Award in Podcasting


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