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Haldane Morris

Haldane Morris

Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Photographer (Still)

Los Angeles, California

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March 2013
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  • Debbie Powers Lives Here

    Debbie Powers Lives Here (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer Add a Plot »

  • The Dark Tapes

    The Dark Tapes (2016)
    Film (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Producer A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity.

  • Men in Suits

    Men in Suits (2015)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Comedy) Actor Adventures of a Low Budget Hollywood Film Director at war with his Movie funding failures.

  • Gettin' It

    Gettin' It (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor See how far down the scale Tabitha and her boyfriend Gregory are willing to go to get their love back.

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Mr. Bunny

    Mr. Bunny (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Family, Fantasy and 2 More) Actor As every normal day, John deletes a young dead man's memories and sends his soul to reincarnation. This is John's job, mystery but boring. He is a guy who lives between human's world and "the other world", and he has to wear a bunny costume and hides his face from normal people. John's life is changed by getting a letter from his ex-wife Mary, and he knows that he has a daughter, whose name is Clara, but she was dead in a flight accident days ago. Meanwhile, John finds out that the girl, who is lying in his working room and waiting for memories deletion is his daughter Clara. John looks at his daughter and decides to bring her back to life, but in doing so, he will be sent to a eternal darkness and can never back to life. John doesn't know how to do and asks his friend Charlie to help him. Charlie is shocked by John's situation and sacrifice, but he still does what John asks him to do.Charlie can't restore all Clara's memories. So when she wakes up from death, she'll be like a 5-... Written by Lin Gao

  • George Anton's Romeo and Juliet

    George Anton's Romeo and Juliet (2014)
    Film (Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor Romeo enters a Virtual Reality Matrix Tale of Romeo and Juliet with the help of a mysterious video game graphics card powered by nanotechnology.

  • Parents

    Parents (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A pubescent girl struggles with coming into adulthood disregarded by friends, relatives and most of all, her parents. How can she learn to cope with the challenges of life in a world devoid of guidance?

  • Through Your Eyes

    Through Your Eyes (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama, Family, Fantasy and 1 More) Actor When a blind husband is sleeping, he can see through his wife's eyes.

  • Lovely Conscience

    Lovely Conscience (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Isaac has been in two unstable marriages and wants to know the reason why, will he get an answer?

  • You're Still Here?

    You're Still Here? (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A suburban family thinks the worst is over when they survive the apocalypse. They discover they are horribly wrong when they find out that the only other survivors are their annoying neighbors the Carsons.

  • Nymph of Damnation

    Nymph of Damnation (2013)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Actor John Cameron sought the woman who could assuage his racking torment. Then one night, her alluring body beckoned to him.

  • Cleavage: The Untold Story

    Cleavage: The Untold Story (2013)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Actor A brave young documentary filmmaker goes on a journey to uncover and reveal as much as possible on a subject matter that until now has been considered by most to be completely Taboo.

  • Butterfly

    Butterfly (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor David Zerbin attempts to save his daughter from heart failure and, in his desperation, he turns to an underground poker game that plays for human organs.

  • Love Changes

    Love Changes (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor A rich businessman who doesn't care about anything but his job, accidentally meets a girl who changes his life completely and shows him what's really important. This is a film about how love changes people and makes them better.

  • The Actor

    The Actor (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A man in the city comes to terms with the process of his own self-interpretation.

  • Pacific Blue

    Pacific Blue (1997)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor This flashy cop series is all about the bicycle patrol of the Santa Monica Police Department, in which the officers and their flashy equipment are as young and casual as their work area, mainly the beach, and as agile and well-trained on their bikes as traditional mounted police on horseback. The bulk of their work is prevention and petty crime, such as pickpockets and purse-snatchers, but of course the more spectacular atypical cases, often one-offs, sometimes even involving the FBI, get extra attention. No less attention is paid to the relationships between all these hotshots (some change during the series), young and ambitious, sexy and horny, so there's lots of temptation, amorous and professional rivalry, conflicting personal and professional interests. Of course this causes most worries for their commanding Lieutenant, usually the one who has to deal with the regular hierarchy above him, originally Anthony Palermo, later on the very former rookie who long gave him most cause for... Written by KGF Vissers


  • Accolade Competition 2016 • Won, Award of Merit Feature Film for The Dark Tapes (2016). Shared Wi

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