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By Geoff Breedwell

GENRE: Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: A student has to evade the sniper's cross hairs during class, without alerting anyone, or everyone in his family dies.


Synopsis – SNIPER. Alex is on top of the world. Granted, his world isn’t much above average, but he has loyal friends and a girlfriend. He’s comfortable, until he’s in the middle of class. He must evade the Sniper’s cross-hairs during class without telling anyone, or everyone in his family dies. Alex rolls up in his tricked out car, getting hit on by the hottest girls in school, and he even saves a younger student from two bullies. He’s on the top of his game. He sees his girlfriend, who has been away for months on end, and she leads him to a deserted bridge over a dam. There, he faces a good version and a bad version of himself. With the help of the bad Alex, he breaks through the fence and jumps off the bridge. He falls and falls, waking up in his bed. The morning starts with a fight with his mother about his runaway father. The fight still outstanding, Alex heads off to school. School is the exact opposite. Today is not his day. He’s late to class, and that’s just the beginning of it. Just as their assignment starts, Alex’s book pages turn white and something begins to talk to him. It’s the SNIPER. Alex is under his watch, and if he tells anyone, he will kill everyone in his family. The Sniper lets loose, and everything that Alex thinks comes blaring across a radio being stored next to the Sniper. Everything that Alex tries to do to save his own life falls flat as the Sniper continues to toy with him. The Sniper is forcibly reminding Alex of his mistakes, and then punishing him for those mistakes, even the mistakes that aren’t his fault. The Sniper reveals that he’s already killed Alex’s dad and his brother. Alex continues to press on for the Sniper to stop what he’s doing, but he doesn’t relent. Memory through memory, moment through moment, and mistake through mistake, Alex comes closer and closer to death. The Sniper reveals that Alex’s mom is being held hostage with a series of bombs being placed throughout the house, while Alex’s girlfriend is being kept in a dog cage with 8 other bodies. She’s the only one left alive. The bell rings. Alex has to leave, but the Sniper tells him not to. Everything Alex can do at this moment will make or break Alex’s life and his family’s life. Alex plays it cool, and everything stays as it was, even as a new class comes into the same class. The Sniper reveals that he has Alex’s neighbor placed in an intricate trap, and that his girlfriend had an affair with the neighbor. What Alex says, the Sniper will do. Alex has to choose whose life gets taken. Alex wrestles with the decision, even using what he remembers of the bible to help him. Alex chooses to sacrifice himself for his neighbor. The Sniper kills the neighbor anyway. Alex is mortified, and the Sniper is finished toying with Alex. It’s time for his life to end. He forces Alex to get up in the middle of the class and go to the mirror on the wall. The class is terrified. He throws the teacher into the chalkboard, and he looks in the mirror, seeing the gun pointed at his own head. Clinching his eyes, the Sniper tells him to do it. BANG! SNIPER. is a story that will press the issues of mental awareness, gun control, and even mental stability in high schools in America. This script was originally written when I was in high school as ideas I was struggling with as a teen. I struggled with the themes of this script, and I know some students will too as they watch it. It’s rough, but it’s something that needs to be told.

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