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Tisa Yonts

Singer and Voice Artist

Pacifica, California

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About Tisa

Guess I've always been a voice and passionate about empowering the voices of others. When I was little I knew I wanted to sing. During middle and high school my passion to draw out success in others was channeled through cheerleading.

Then in college, I got a Bachelors in voice performance. But the academic path to singing seemed to me, in the end, somewhat empty and meaningless. Even though I loved learning about mastering the art of singing, the experience struck me as a detour from what I really wanted to do... cast my message through the unique impact of the irreplicable expression of the human voice. It seemed like I just got side tracked by submitting to the box of jumping through the fixed number of hoops it required to complete my degree, while becoming 5 years older.
And strangely, the more I knew, the farther I traveled from the clarity of my passion.

I got married while in school and started my family before I even graduated, spending those 5 years as it seems, getting ready to become a singer. I'm not a huge fan of the academic process. I think it just goes against the underlying belief, I didn't realize I had, in the power of being an entrepreneur, that had been rising to the top over the years along with this need to be heard and to empower others to be heard.

I became a vocal coach on and off over the years as I raised 5 kids with my husband Dan who is a fireman in SF. As my kids were growing up I poured out this passion into them. When I would ask one of my kids what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would say, an artist. And I would say, great! You are already that! I trained to her respond to that question with the affirmative, I'm already what I want to be, an artist! :) All the kids got this kind of, the world needs just what you have to offer, kind of talk from me, but as is often the case when you are the mom, I didn't seem to know what I was talking about:) But I never stopped believing in them and their unique gifts and continued to urge them to believe they had all the world within their reach if they would give themselves permission to take their talents and passions seriously as the impact they were meant to be on the world.

You can imagine how much they rolled their eyes at me, having such a dramatically passionate mom about the world reaching impact their value was meant to have. For a long time they made their plans, discounting what they really loved best and looking for income that could be generated through a job or degree of some sort. I looked on with a bit of despair at times:) But I knew that I had to take myself seriously in order to walk the talk, if I wanted them to take a chance on themselves.

So I began to explore some home businesses as the kids got older. And as I did, I realized, this social media thing seemed to make soooo much sense. It became more and more clear that this was an almost limitless vehicle for casting your voice to untold numbers of people who would want to listen. I began to think, maybe I could help businesses make the transition from traditional marketing, though I doubted my self, not being technically minded.

I also, thought of the ways I could help my kids make income from the things they were gifted in rather than through a job or degree, which I knew from experience may just take the most creative years of their 20's and spit em out on the other side having taken no action to actually realize the freedom they could have doing what they love. So I began to buy training and to equip myself to help myself, my kids and other businesses.

But as happens often, when getting a degree, all that training sucked the life out of me, left me overwhelmed and less and less confident. The more I learned, the more I thought I needed to learn.

Eventually, something began to shift and my kids started taking a chance with themselves. At present, I've been able to use some of that training I purchased, to build websites for two of my kids so far: CreatorsApprentice.com and darlingransom.com and the income is flowing for them through doing what they love:)!!! My oldest did end up going to Humboldt for music and will graduate next month:) To their great credit, Humboldt really gives the student a lot more room to customize their music training. Presently, I'm still doing vocal coaching while working on websites & social media marketing. My voice has actually gotten more free and expressive as I've gotten older and further away from that classical training I went through in college. I write my own music as well and really love getting to take whatever message I'm passionate about and put it into a song. I'm taking it a goal and action step at a time and the momentum is picking up speed. Thanks for reading about me. I look forward to meeting people here who believe in taking their artistic message seriously and casting it to the world:)



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