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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Horror

Tommy comes home on leave, to discover that the ghosts from his tour of duty are just as deadly as the enemies he faced in battle.  


Tommy completes a tour of duty that sees him survive the hell of war in Iraq. Coming home to his loving wife Jackie, should be a time for him to leave his experiences behind and enjoy civilian life, but the ghosts of the horrors he experienced have other ideas.

Watched by mysterious agents, Tommy quickly finds that his time at home is going to be anything but peaceful. Haunted by visions, nightmares and ghostly apparitions, Tommy quickly succumbs to psychosis, but are the spectres haunting him real or imagined?

Desperate to rid himself of the enemy he sees all around him, Tommy turns on his wife and father-in-law and turns his home into a war zone in a battle with ghosts from his past. When those ghosts are seen by his wife Jackie, it seems he’s found a new ally in the battle against the apparitions, but the agents watching their every move, have other ideas. They can’t let anyone survive the experience, which it transpires is the result of a neurological weapon they’re testing on Tommy and his family.

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