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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Horror

A marital split leads to the ex-husband losing his mind with deadly consequences.  


When John Clements’ marriage fails the split isn’t only with his wife. The final divorce papers arrive and send him over the edge. In essence his mind splits.

John walks out of work at a pharmaceutical company and goes to the marital home where he prepares a romantic meal for two.

During the telling of this story, we see events from John’s deranged perspective as well as seeing things as they unfold in reality.

While preparing the meal and waiting for his ex-wife Angela to come home, John is interrupted by the arrival of Dave, his once good friend who is now sleeping with Angela.

The confrontation results in Dave being killed. Deluded by his psychosis John puts Dave’s lifeless body to bed in the spare bedroom as though his friend is drunk and needs to sleep it off. John cheerfully resumes preparing for Angela’s arrival.

Once Angela does get home she is initially pleasantly surprised by the waiting table for two, but realising John is her host, she quickly discovers his mad intent.

As we switch between John’s insane perspective and Angela’s scary reality, it becomes clear that John has poisoned one of the meals, but which one? Who if anyone will survive this cautionary tale?

The ultimate twist comes in the final scene, where we learn that John has killed himself and that the home is an isolated cottage. With Angela manacled to her chair, unable to escape, she is doomed to a slow death by starvation.

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