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By Andy Davie

GENRE: Sci-fi

A deep space rescue mission leads to a fight for survival on a toxic, unforgiving and deadly alien world.  


Orla and her crew are on a deep space rescue mission when their ship is damaged by a rogue comet.

Dropping out of stasis the crew are forced to make repairs and land on the nearest suitable planet.

After a hazardous space walk to make repairs, Orla and her crew are faced with either failing their mission and costing the lives of thousands or landing on a prohibited planet to refuel and complete their mission.

After a brief argument about their situation, Orla exercises her authority and orders her crew to enter the prohibited zone and land on a desolate, hostile planet.

When the inhabitants of the planet attack Orla and her crew, they’re forced to go against their peaceful principles and fight the violent aliens in order to survive.

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