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By Robert Kane

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: Bachelor Pad?... More like Bachelor Palace! When a young man loses his father, he is given a beach house in the will. After asking a group of friends from all over the world to move in, the once quiet beach town of 'Karosella Falls' will never be the same!


Kane Lafferty, a single 22 year old who has just graduated university, he has recently gotten out of very dysfunctional relationship and lost his father. In his fathers will, he is given a massive 4-bedroom beach house in the fictional beach town of Karosella Falls. He asks his friend Jesse Trembley, a 24-year-old womanizing Canadian pilot to move in with him. They soon realize that the place is too big for just two people and Kane recruits three more friends in Tommy Anoa’i, a 23-year-old Samoan musician, JJ (Jon Foster Jones) a 21-year-old Kiwi I.T technician and his 20-year-old fiancé Sarah Wellington to live with them. At first they find it difficult learning to live together, but eventually all agree that they have it pretty easy. Whilst sharing a joint on the balcony by the pool, they decide to throw a house party to meet some of the neighbors and Kane plans to throw the best party Karosella Falls has ever seen. At the house party, Tommy’s band, Shotgun Politics are playing when we meet Nick, a 22-year-old Englishman who is an old friend of Kane’s. Throughout the series we learn more and more about Nick’s eccentricities and although he is usually intoxicated in some way or another, the group always look after him in spite of his random, usually crude acts. Luke and his girlfriend Stacey, both 25 year old primary school teachers and from New Zealand, are also at the party and are friends of the housemates and live just outside of Karosella Falls. At the party Sarah and JJ are in the pool and she questions whether they have made the right decision moving to Karosella Falls. JJ tells her to look around at her amazing surroundings and they decide that it is going to be an incredible journey living there. The morning after the party, the house is totally trashed and the housemates all wake up brutally hung over, trying to piece together their nights. After kicking out all the left over party goers, Sarah finally convinces them to tidy the house up, when the door bell rings and a maid service, which they didn’t know was a part of the house, shows up to clean the house to the housemates delight. Tommy finds a joint in his pocket and sparks it as Nick wanders in from outside naked, picks up a random t-shirt off the floor, takes a few tokes of the joint, before walking out the front door singing Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ as the episode comes to a close.


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Ann-Marie Mays

Like the synopsis, good luck with funding, would be interested in working with you if you need a makeup artist, check out my profile.

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