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By Robert Kane

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
LOGLINE: Terra Nova meets the Breakfast Club when a School bus goes off the road and through a portal to another world. How will the students react to survive? Will the Cliques from school stick together, will the Jocks rule the camp or will they learn that their greatest asset is each other?


A mundane regular school trip to a cheese factory suddenly becomes a dangerous journey for class 12B. When on their drive to the factory, an unexpected fog lowers on the bus causing the driver to lose control. The bus appears to be veering off a bridge, when out of nowhere a sudden flash of light hits the bus and the bus disappears. The bus has gone through some kind of time portal and has crashed in a jungle. After regaining their bearings from the crash, the class realise that both their teacher and the driver have been killed in the crash. They come across a man, who heard their bus crash and came to see what it was, who turns out to be a scientist who was working on the portal and came through it 20+ years ago. However his equipment was damaged on the way through and he could not get back. He encourages them all to stay together but the arguments amongst the students drive them into two separate camps. In the beginning, two groups are quickly formed with what would be considered the ‘cool kids’ on one side and the ‘losers’ on the other. The ‘Losers’ immediately start to strip the bus of whatever can be salvaged and begin to set up a camp and make a safe perimeter, whilst the ‘Cool Kids’ are more concerned with finding a way home and other trivial nonsense like not getting their clothes dirty. A rivalry ensues between the two groups before a member of each side is killed. One of the ‘Losers’ is killed whilst trying to hunt for food and is attacked by a small creature. One of the ‘Cool Kids’ is killed when a giant bird flies into their unprotected camp and attacks one of them. The deaths lead both groups to realize they are stronger as a team as the stronger members of the ‘Cool Kids’ can hunt and carry heavier loads whereas the “losers’ have the brains and are able to keep them safe and study their surroundings. Over several years, the students eventually learn to overcome ALL adversity; they learn how to survive and how to become a tight knit community, where each member uses their specific strengths to help the group. Eventually they manage to find a way back to their own world but after learning to live a certain way, some of them decide to stay behind and continue building their new lives and start a new civilization.

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