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By Annie Mac

GENRE: Fantasy

Descendant of a voodoo priestess, a New Orleans dancer, who becomes a fugitive when she refuses to reverse a curse affecting her vengeful father, has to come to terms with the deeper aspects of voodoo to save the life of a boy and bring a criminal to justice.


A gator narrates the story of Faith, a New Orleans dancer, who risks being accused of a murder she didn’t commit, when she refuses to reverse a voodoo spell, which robbed a rogue cop of his ability to have sex.

Faith is brought up by Grandma Gracie, a voodoo priestess who puts a spell on La Flamme for molesting Faith’s mom. The curse on his manhood can only be reversed by Faith when she turns 22. But Faith no longer trusts her voodoo heritage after her granny dies.

At 22, Faith dreams of becoming an international modern dance star. When she discovers that the rogue cop who murdered her mentor is the dad she’s never met, she puts her dream on hold and chooses to flee New Orleans to escape being the next victim or having the murder pinned on her.

She ends up being hired as some sort of housekeeper in the allegedly cursed plantation of a misanthropic widower Robert McIver and Beau, his precocious 10 year-old son. In spite of great affinities between Faith and the boy, and an unspoken attraction between Faith and Robert, Faith can never fully relax as La Flamme doesn’t relent his pursuit. Yet, she gets news that she was selected to be the star of a dancing gig in Paris.

The night Faith and Robert have a fight; Faith leaves for the airport. Meanwhile, La Flamme kidnaps Beau and takes him to the Bayou where he plans to trap Faith. Realizing that La Flamme will stop at nothing, she sacrifices her dream and risks her life to save the boy.


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