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By Mary Krell-Oishi

GENRE: Comedy, Romance
LOGLINE: A divorcee, ordered to pay alimony to her lazy, lying, cheating husband must learn to defuse her growing anger and start her life over with the help of her anger management class and newfound oddball friends.


Event Planner Valerie Thompson, 30s, thinks her personal life is chugging along just fine, it's not perfect but it's not a total mess. Or is it? Opening her eyes to see the realities of her life changes her perspective in a snap. What's a girl to do when she finds out her financial leach dreamer musician husband has not only been siphoning money from their joint bank account but has opened up another account with a much, much younger, woman? Take his classic Mustang and somehow “accidentally,” push it over a cliff of course. " Oops, my bad." That little 'bad' sends Valerie to court ordered Anger Management-Group Therapy, which only serves to feed and justify Valerie’s increasing anger at her ex, to whom she is now paying alimony. Nothing like spending your hard earned money to support the Ex's little play toy. Having this kind of rage in her life is starting to take its toll; bleeding into her work life and making long time friends, enemies. Valerie begins to believe that if she can tie her ex down and get an apology for his transgressions, all will be well and then she can focus on her the biggest project of her career, save her job and her relationship with her best friend. How she will get that apology is the problem. In a thwarted kidnapping attempt she discovers that maybe her ex isn't the one who needs to make an apology. With the help of her new found side kicks, all with their own anger issues, Valerie comes full circle and learns she only has herself to blame and forgive. She can choose to be angry or choose to be happy. Mr. Right coming along doesn't hurt the matter. When our eyes are opened and the fire stops burning, we learn that the anger fueling a fire can evolve into fuel for a new flame and a chance to start over.

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