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Stories by Wrathe W. Aceing
Wrathe W. Aceing is a pseudonym, an anagram created to remove celebrity from the author and place the focus on the central message of these adventures and other books contemplated. The "e" is silent. So is the warrior. But the vigilance, while silent, is real.

If you’re looking for dark, I have it. If you’re looking for empowered women, I have them. Shadow Soldiers is a series (books 1&2 available) of novellas focused on exploring the world of the soldier, especially how their code of ethics is affected by the challenges of real evil in the world today. More morality play than action adventure, these episodic stories ask the audience to judge their role in the world’s challenges.

Book 1 -
Book 2 -

Stories by r.e.joyce
I write to express the joys and adventures I have found in this world. Most come from the grace of being chosen to guide two beautiful souls through the adventure of growing up. It is my children, Stephanie and Bill, who make this life worth living. The grandbabies are a marvelous recreation of the joys I experienced without the diaper changes – such a marvelous gift!

Want to have a taste of the worlds my mind creates. You can get your FREE Excerpt right here:

Unique traits: Author, Business Consultant, Poppy to three munchkins and a teenager, Dad to two marvelously creative beings.



  • A Child's Cry

    A Child's Cry Thriller War Called by a friend from his military past, Sergeant James Terrance (JT) Welder forms a team of mercenaries to rescue a little girl and destroy the gang who took her from her family.

  • Mercy Strained

    Mercy Strained Thriller War The mission of one dark soldier who entered the military to build the skills necessary to exact her revenge on the monsters that stole her childhood and her womanhood.

  • Payday Blues

    Payday Blues Thriller War Making a living is not all that different from any other walkinto hell and back again mercenary consulting gig.

  • Tarnished Guardians

    Tarnished Guardians Thriller War A murder mystery explodes into an international thriller as one of the best from our country’s investigative services guides a new detective through the puppet masters seeking world domination.

  • Cold Return

    Cold Return Thriller War It is one thing to live a lonely life of the mercenary, always drawn away from home by your chosen career.  It is another to be hunted down and have home removed as a place of safety. 

  • Domestic Guard

    Domestic Guard Thriller War A child’s torn and broken body pierces the heart of a warrior and changes her homeward travel.  Angel cannot board a plane back to her West Texas home while this child’s horrible murder remains unsolved in a potter’s grave.

  • Wayward Merc

    Wayward Merc Thriller War There are other mercenaries in the world and some are not as evil as the newspapers may allege.

  • Brother Oh Brother

    Brother Oh Brother Thriller War The Shadow Soldier lives a life of anonymity protecting their family from the consequences of their calling.  But what happens when evil still finds you asks you to bring it to the doorstep of your sibling?   This is the tale of one mercenary’s response to a contract to kill his brother. 

  • Recruiting

    Recruiting Thriller War When a soldier being considered for recruitment by WCM goesmissing, Sarge takes action.  Gathering his best including Angel and Blue, they travel to the Middle East and Europe to solve the MIA report being covered up by someone in their own  government.


    ENOUGH Action Drama Thriller War “ENOUGH” is the story of a retired spec ops Soldier who abandons his soldier’s creed in order to exact revenge on the drug lord who slaughtered his family.

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