Merry Whitney's Reel

Reality TV show Vote 4 me! Vote 4 me to be on the Ultimate Spy Reality TV show. or any of the other reality TV shows tho I am aimi...

Olu Maintain - Ennuff Effizzi Music Video I was in

I am the one with the glittery boots.

audition video, for badass girls.

this was for a job that was about girls being badasses, can't tell you what it was for tho.

Pole Dancing video

Diff pole dancing tricks, I can do on a short pole. I can do more on a taller pole.

Operation Repo ''What Happens in the Limo''

This was when I was on Operation Repo, was the role of the hooker in the limo. On TrueTV, this was acting/staged fyi.

Preview to website coming soon.

I know this isn't a reel, but I just thought I should have ''something'' anything, in the video section. I try not to always do nude/implied work tho, fyi.

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